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The Green Guide – France

by TopherLee on 22/04/11 at 12:33 am

A review of the Michelin travel guide to France – The Green Guide.

France is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in the world to visit. The country inspires visions of romance, love, design, art, wine and all things cultured. With tens of millions of tourists visiting France every year, it’s no wonder France is the number one destination in the world.

If you’re planning to visit this worldwide travel favorite, the Michelin Green Guide France is a book that will guide you to the best places and suggest the best way to go about your vacation.

The oldest and most renowned restaurant and hotel guide in Europe, with its highly-critical three star system, has now published a book about traveling France. As the Michelin name suggests, the Green Guide is the tourist’s ultimate guide to traveling, dining and touring in France. I ordered the book online and got it with minimal shipping and handling, or in French (expédition minimale et manipulation)

The Michelin Green Guide of France lives up to the Michelin name by giving detailed insight into France’s attractions. True to the Michelin way, attractions and sights are given individual star ratings. The Michelin star rating applies to towns and the sights and attractions within them. Towns receive the overall ratings of the sights and attractions. Needless to say, when it comes to tourist attractions the star rating system is comprehensive.

In addition to rating attractions, Green Guides help tourists experience France in the most efficient way possible. The listings in the guide are organized alphabetically so that tourists can find information easily. The Green Guide also features maps containing car parks and, where appropriate, a list of sights with easy access. The Green Guide also goes further and recommends sightseeing tours and routes to take on your expedition.

The Michelin guide leaves no stone unturned as sights like important churches have their own detailed entries. Recommended car rentals and tours in specific towns and attractions are also included in the guide alongside their opening hours and contact details.

And what’s a Michelin guide without food? The Michelin Green Guide features an “address book” of recommended restaurants located near destinations in your trip.

As for detail in each entry, the Michelin has them in spades. Each entry includes information such as pre-trip tips, history and culture of the people, architecture, plant life and of course, the local foods. To help you get around local areas, the Green Guide also provides readers with common phrases including “bonjour” (good morning) and “bon soir” (good evening). The guide also lists more practical phrases for travelers like “Au secours!” (help) and “combien” (how much or how many?).

In short, the Michelin Green Guide France is very much like the Michelin Red Guide in that it isn’t just a guide, but much more than that. In fact, Michelin has been known for “telling the truth” on dining in Europe. If the Red Guide is the Bible for dining, the Green Guide has become the Bible of travel guides in Europe.

All in all, the Green Guide is recommended if you’re the type of person who wants to squeeze the most culture, information and experience out of your trip. Make sure to pick up your copy of the Green Guide France at your local bookstore or via shipping (expédition) if you plan to visit this beautiful country.

The only thing left to say is Au revoir! Bon voyage!

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