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The Top 10 Romantic Vacation Spots for Couples

by phanter2829 on 08/07/08 at 5:28 am

Couples!!! planing on vacation? Let’s checkout at these romantic spots!

  1. Barbados

    It is hard to start a list of the top 10 most romantic vacation spots for couples without mentioning Barbados. Pictured above, there is an allure to the white sand and sparkling blue of the water and sky combined that demands attention. It is a very popular spot for honeymoons, and vacations of all types for couples. The Caribbean holds many of the most popular stops for vacationing couples, but for the rest of this list we’ll focus on some of the lesser-known vacation spots.

  2. Stone Mountain, Colorado

    Most people know Colorado for its grand mountains and as a hideout for the rich and famous. You do not have to be rich and famous to enjoy the many splendors that are available to you. There are many lodges catering to tourists and yet somehow still maintain a sense of privacy in the magnificent mountains.

  3. Kachemak Bay, Alaska

    For the active couple you can go kayaking on Kachemak Bay in the visually astounding Alaska, and then relax with a cup of steaming hot chocolate while you look out at the spectacular mountains from your lodge. If you are really the adventurous type you can go bear viewing in Katmai. All of this is in Homer, Alaska and waiting for you.

  4. Kassiopi, Greece

    Take a trip back in time while walking through the quaint village of Kassiopi, Greece. The charm is alluring and makes a great romantic getaway.

  5. The Carpathian Mountains

    Transylvania, Central Romania, holds exotic locale, and mysterious fables that create a wonderful spot for romance.

  6. Macerata, Italy

    Milan is usually the first place that pops to mind when one thinks of Italy, but take a trip to Macerata in August for their Opera festival and prepare to be delighted.

  7. Pukoo, Hawaii

    With Maui in the distant view, Pukoo is a romantic getaway spot located out of the way in one of the world’s most beloved areas. Hawaii is famous as a romantic vacation spot, but Pukoo holds the appeal of seclusion while still offering all of the activities commonly found on the “Big Islands.”

  8. Bangkok, Thailand

    The jungles of Thailand are fast becoming a popular attraction while maintaining its beauty and romantic charm.

  9. Alexandria, Egypt

    For a truly exotic vacation tour the Coptic Monasteries and then spend your days in the ancient city of Cairo.

  10. Trafalgar, Switzerland

    Beautiful mountain scenery makes the wintery delights of Switzerland a wonderful place to cozy up to your partner on a romantic vacation.

There is something for everyone’s taste on the list, from mountain vistas to sandy beaches, and jungles to ancient cities. Take your pick and enjoy all that some of the most popular and most unusual spots in the world have waiting for you. Those are our top ten picks of romantic vacation spots for couples. Take the time to explore the world and develop your own top ten pick of wonderful and romantic places to visit.

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