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What If I Lost My Passport?

by Marsanne A Petty on 27/12/08 at 7:57 am

Explains the proper procedures to follow if your passport is lost or stolen.

Many times a passport can be misplaced – when moving from one location to another, when traveling, or when simply cleaning house. It is important to realize how useful a “lost” passport could be to a criminal. Passports could reasonably be used to create new identities for those who wish to leave the United States under false circumstances.

For that reason, a lost or stolen passport should be reported using the “Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport” (Form DS-64) as soon as possible. As soon as the Passport Services receives your statement of loss, the passport will be declared invalid. Any attempts to use it by yourself or anyone else will be declined, and use of a lost or stolen passport may result in prosecution.

Form DS-64 can be obtained from any passport acceptance agency or online at http://travel.state.gov. There are a few basic questions such as when and where the loss was discovered, if the police were notified in the event of theft, and if efforts have been made to recover the passport.

The signed form should be sent to the Passport Services, Attn: Correspondence Branch, U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C. 20522-1705. Should the passport later be recovered, it should be sent to this address as well.

It will be necessary for you to apply for a new passport in order to leave the country. Because you no longer have the original passport, you will be required to prove citizenship of the United States, meaning you will have to submit your original birth certificate or a certified copy, two passport photographs, and your driver’s license.

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