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What Traffic Road Signs Mean

by coreyr 15130 on 12/05/08 at 12:06 am

Learn the real meaning of all of the traffic road signs you see every day.

The walk/don’t walk sign at crosswalks controls the pedestrian movement across the crosswalks. This way the pedestrians cross the crosswalk at a safe time. When there aren’t cars running across it the pedestrians cross.

The purpose of a stop sign is to put in areas where drivers may be unsure of who has the right to cross first. They do this in order to prevent accidents.

The purpose of a yield sign is to assign which driver has the right-of-way or can go before another driver. This is also used to prevent accident.

The purpose of a one-way sign is to show or warn drivers that the street can only be driven a particular way. You can not go the opposite way on a one-way street. The purpose of this is to prevent accidents.

The purpose of a directional sign is to direct the driver to a public location. This is so that in an emergency people will not get lost and so that people will not get lost in general.

The purpose of a road change sign is to tell the driver that there is a hazard coming in the road. It may also say that the road may curve or be hazardous. The purpose of this is too to prevent accidents.

The purpose of a stop light is to show the driver when they should pass an intersection. Green means that you are permitted to pass that intersection. Yellow means to slow down and be aware to not pass the intersection. Red means that you do not have permission to pass the intersection. On red however you may turn right unless directed otherwise.

There are two main types of traffic signs. There is the walk/don’t walk sign at crosswalks, which control pedestrian movement. There is also the traffic light where the driver is shown when to pass on an intersection. There are also many kinds of traffic signs. A few of them are a stop sign, yield sign, one-way sign, do-not-enter sign, directional sign, and a road changes sign. The purpose of traffic signs, and lights is to regulate the movement of all people who use the streets and highways. Obeying traffic signs and lights will help prevent traffic accidents. Not obeying them is against the law.

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