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Top 10 Best Beaches in the World

by ugma on 25/06/08 at 9:51 am

If you think about it, the beach is probably the most relaxing place you can go to here on planet Earth.

Beaches all over the world never fail to attract large numbers of tourists every time. But more than just tourist destinations, beaches are great getaways-they offer the “great escape” from all the hustle and bustle, exactly what every city-dweller needs.

Let us countdown some of the best beaches you should visit, rightful in their respective categories.

  1. Clifton Beach, Capetown, South Africa

    “Best Big City Beach”

    When you’re spending your vacation in this paradise, it’s kinda hard to imagine you’re “just minutes away from the center of a major cosmopolitan city.” During the day, it’s hard not to miss the friendly locals and the large flock of tourists who have come to relax and enjoy the crystal waters of Clifton. The nightlife the beach offers is a blast and should not be missed! There are several bars and restaurants to choose from, as well as accommodations ranging from backpacker-friendly to jet set havens. Yes, Clifton is definitely a haven for the glamorous tourists who flew in from around the globe.

    For accommodations visit Cape Venues

  2. Pink Sands Beach, Harbor Island, the Bahamas

    “Best Escape Beach”

    Pink Sands is a popular destination for tourists who want to spend their holidays in a more private and intimate manner, nothing like the cosmopolitan package Clifton offers. This beach is famous for the wide-mile stretch of, yes, pink sands. Anyone who comes to this part of the Island is stunned by how miraculously nature can create such fine, almost like baby powder-like sands. You will never forget the almost-endless crystal blue horizon while lying on your back outside or in the veranda of one of the few (almost fully-booked every time) hotels. It’s a perfect getaway for your two-week office work leave.

    For the best hotel accommodation visit Pink Sand Resort

  3. Larvotto Beach, Monte Carlo, Monaco

    “Best Rich and Famous Beach”

    The beaches (or whatever destination) in Monaco are pricey. You have to plan your vacay in this place well, bring with you lots of cash and make sure your credit cards are within reach because the whole adventure will cost you. However, you’ll feel like the luckiest person in the world when you spend great times in Monte Carlo’s prime beach, Larvotto. The tycoons and moguls, and some blue-blooded people who live in this planet with us, actually come to this place. It’s as if the whole place is a by-invitation-only getaway. But never lose heart, anyone can go to Monte Carlo and spend his/her own R&R (don’t be stressed by the prices!) on Larvotto!

    Here’s what the Travel Channel even said in one of its article about Larvotto:

    “Perhaps the single most decadently glamorous beach in the world is Monte Carlo’s Larvotto Beach, where women may go without their bikini tops, but wouldn’t dare to be seen without their jewels. In fact, Larvotto’s diamond-studded visitors are about the only thing that can compete with the sparkling Mediterranean water lapping along the sandy shore.”

    Now who doesn’t want to bask under the sun (who cares if it may cause us cancer) with these blessed ones?

    For more information about Larvotto beach visit the Travel Channel .
    For the yacht experience visit Monaco Eye

  4. Poipu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

    “Best Family Beach”

    It’s always the best time when you’re spending the holidays with your family. Especially for married couples with kids, Poipu beach offers fun, kid-friendly activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. In Poipu, the whole family can take their vacation to a higher, more exciting level by engaging in different activities such as camping, ATV (all terrain vehicles) riding, bicycling downhill, surfing, hiking, scuba diving, and other kid-friendly activities. But the best that Poipu can offer will have to be the helicopter rides the whole family can take! Yup, kids are allowed to experience the view of Poipu from the top, as long as their parents or guardians will accompany them during the trip. This is probably the most extraordinary way to enjoy your whole stay in Poipu!

    For a unique experience and the best way to view Poipu (and the rest of the Island) visit Helicopters-Kauai

    For activities and accommodation in Poipu visit Poipu Beach

  5. South Beach, Miami, Florida

    “Best Body Beach”

    This is one of the most famous beaches for tourists in America, and it has been a favorite playground for Miami locals and foreign nationals alike. The party in South Beach is a year-round event, because everywhere you look everyone just seems to be having so much fun! Whether you’re hanging out with your friend in the beach or checking out the different cultural exhibits along the streets near South Beach, the fun just never stops it’s almost like crazy. So if you’re looking for a worldwide-like convention of all the different cultures flocking Miami every time, this is the place to go. It’s great for meeting different nationalities, checking out the local art scene, and partying all-night long!

    For the relaxing hotel experience, right in the heart of the Art Deco District, visit Hotel Dorchester

  6. Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

    “Best Party Beach”

    Being the most popular among young people, Paradise Beach in Mykonos offers a nude-tolerant atmosphere. Tourists who come here come for the enjoyment of being around similarly adventurous and fun-loving people. It has been named by different travel shows in Europe and the US as one of the world’s best party beaches. Probably the reason why this is so is because of the numerous beach bars around Mykonos. In Paradise beach, the cafes are organized and very tourist-friendly that you will never have to worry if someone will attend to your needs. You can sit back and enjoy the view of the beach while drinking with the friendly locals or with one or more of the intrepid travelers around like you.

    For more information on what to do and where to go in Mykonos, go to Mykonos Web

  7. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    “Best Bikini Beach”

    The beauty of Ipanema magnets travelers from all over. Yearly, the beach welcomes tens of thousands of tourists who hail from different nations. And when you say Ipanema, it’s synonymous with ‘summer’ in Rio because this is where the beautiful locals and tourists too, come to spend their summer days. Now you must know that when you come to Ipanema, it’s a must to wear as little clothing as possible. Brazilians believe that when you go to the beach, you must show skin and bake yourself under the glorious sun of Rio.

    So pack lightly when you’re planning to come to Ipanema, because you won’t be needing those clothes really. Ipanema

  8. Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

    “Best Activity Beach”

    This beach near the commercial center along Gold Coast is a haven for surfers from Australia and even from other countries. But aside from surfing, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy. The beach area offers a wide range of water sports like jetski, as well as beach volleyball. You can also enjoy the water but never get wet by joining one of their fishing charters or whale watching cruises. If you’d rather stay dry on land, maybe some bungee jumping or golfing will do for you. Clearly the list of activities to do in the beach is endless, and if you’re the one who’d spend your holidays relaxing but wouldn’t want to get out of shape, this is the place to go.

    Australian Explorer

  9. Maroma Beach, Yucatan, Mexico

    “Best Romantic Beach”

    This beautiful paradise located in the Yucatan jungle is a prime destination for honeymooners and simple tourists alike. The sight of the crystal waters will stick with you like an unforgettable kiss forever, and you’ll find yourself coming back for more. The tropical climate gives tourists cool nights and wonderfully sunny days, while enjoying the solitude the beach offers. It’s perfect for couples who want to privately spend their vacation, where intimacy will never come hardly as the harmony of the beach and the natural wonders around will surely inspire you.

    Aside from its natural beauty, this hideaway is preserving the wonders of natural wildlife in its own “ecological park-like theme”, which means it’s not just any resort, it’s a natural preservation area.

    Although near the spring break capital of Cancun, you can be sure that you will not be disturbed by all the partying neighbors.

    For honeymooners, visit Secret Resorts

    For the best Mexican getaway visit Maroma Hotel

  10. Anse Source D’Argent, La Digue, Seychelles

    “The Best Beach”

    This eternal paradise has been voted as the “best beach in the world” by different travel shows around the globe. It is also probably the most photographed because of the stunning beauty it has. No one can resist the charm of this natural wonder and everyone who has seen pictures of the beach come to Seychelles to experience the best in the world for themselves.

    This is absolutely a place you must not hesitate to spend your holidays in. Once you’ve been to this place, life amazingly becomes more worthwhile.

    Even in photos the beach is just magnefique!

Read more about the best beach and other beaches in the world in Three Best Beaches

Now that you’ve seen the list of the best beaches in the world, grab your suitcase and pack. It’s time you witness the natural beauty these beaches can offer for yourself. Travel with your loved ones or travel alone, you will not feel lonely at all because these beaches has so much fun and relaxation to give.

Liked it


Jun 25th, 2008

I love the beach, and beautiful pictures!

Juliane Elliott

Jun 26th, 2008

Coronado, California is lovely as are several other So Cal beaches. Enjoyed the pics!

louie jerome

Jun 30th, 2008

I want a beach…now! Makes me want to get on a plane and fly somewhere hot.


Jul 2nd, 2008

i am urging everyone to pack and leave now…run to the nearest beach! haha

Ronald Stone

Jul 16th, 2008

Try Boracay in Philippines


Jul 17th, 2008

Beautiful beaches, hope I could teleport myself! All in all a visual orgasm!


Jul 24th, 2008

hahaha. yes, boracay is really pristine. but what i don’t like about bora is the large number of tourists every time. i think when it comes to beaches, i become selfish.


Jul 24th, 2008

there are actually a lot of beautiful beaches in the philippines, you should see them!

Gordon Brown

Jul 26th, 2008

I need a wee


Jul 30th, 2008

Where’s the philippines beach?…. there’s alot of beautiful beaches there…. you must try there….


Aug 1st, 2008

Utter rubbish, there are fnatastic beaches in Northern Ireland and Wales, where are they?

Prince Reingr

Aug 2nd, 2008

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Julio Blanco

Aug 13th, 2008

Yes they are nice i been to almost all of these here but Koh Phi Phi, Thailand should be in the TOP 2!!

Jennifer Chambers

Aug 15th, 2008

Palawan, boracay and Anawangin Island, Zambales (virgin island)Philippines are best for me :)

David Concepcion

Aug 18th, 2008

where’s philipines in this top ten?

oris glino

Aug 20th, 2008

wheres philippines beaches????i know some beaches are in the top ten best beaches in the world”BORACAY”

Hemdeep Singh

Aug 29th, 2008

Crystal Clear beach – Kashid Beach ( 3 hrs drive from Mumbai – INDIA)

Paul Morgan

Aug 30th, 2008

Best fresh water beach… Grand Beach, Manitoba, Canada


Sep 9th, 2008

i really love those beaches, most specially the pink sands…

josh legson

Sep 23rd, 2008

there should be boracay beach there…

serafin z. sardoma jr.

Oct 30th, 2008



Oct 30th, 2008

why don’t you try the boracay in the philippines. you’ll be amazed.


Nov 10th, 2008

Boracay is # 3 Tourist Beach destination if you check Europe Tourist Guide for TOP BEACHES IN THE WORLD. Where? In the PHILIPPINES.


Nov 21st, 2008

i still believe philippines got the best beaches in the world…just imagine more than 7,000 islands and islets


Dec 2nd, 2008

I just came from a holiday in BORACAY ISLAND, PHILIPPINES. It should be in the list!


Dec 15th, 2008

BORACAY should be on the TOP of the list, as it is very beautiful, people are very accommodating,.try it and for sure you will be amazed., I been there many times, and I love to visit this place always.


Dec 15th, 2008

I agree that BORACAY ISLAND of the PHILIPPINES should be in the list of the world’s top best beach.

tyler jacksons

Jan 9th, 2009

yeah boracay in the philippines is a must see place before you die.


Jan 13th, 2009

Put BORACAY on the list!


Jan 14th, 2009

I went to Boracay two years ago and I coming back next week to Boracay and Cebu. Definitely one of the best beaches in the world. Yahootravels rank Boracay and Cebu #1 and #3 respectively.


Jan 22nd, 2009

hey… why Philipines are not included..Beaches in the Philippines like Boracay,EL nido,Puerto Galera,Puerto Prinsesa,Camiguin,Surgao.. this some groups of island are amazing.. its virgin Island you must see..


Jan 22nd, 2009

that’s because there is in fact a separate list for philippines’ beaches..
they are incomparable. :)


Feb 6th, 2009

Thailand beach is the best… white sand, clear water, good food, nice people, cheap price


Feb 9th, 2009

beautiful beaches!!!!!!


Feb 12th, 2009

i spent my childhood on boracay island and it is the best place in the world! utterly beautiful :) !

Earl Smith

Feb 17th, 2009

Philippine And thailand beaches should be on the list..

Carl McKensie

Feb 17th, 2009

I love beaches….I been most of those beaches.. I also recomment Phuket,Koh Phi Phi, Boracay, palawan and El Nido… The people who conducted the survey missed to check Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines

Katie Hamphress

Feb 17th, 2009

No question about the beauties of beaches on list but there are beaches
in asia better than up there… I agree to carl, you missed to check some asian country… The survey should be worldwide since the category
is Top 10 Best Beaches in the World. I been to many beaches in the world and my top on the list are philippines, Hawaii, Bahammas thailand and mexico…


Feb 22nd, 2009

Boracay should be on top! you’ve got the wrong survey.


Feb 22nd, 2009

I love to retire in Boracay!


Feb 22nd, 2009

hey guys,

Boracay for me is the best beach in the world.


Mar 2nd, 2009

phiLippine bEach is the best!…
…EL nido
…pUerto galera and etc…

King Kong The Wonder

Mar 8th, 2009



Mar 11th, 2009

It should be Malaysian beaches………………………………….Not beleive it? U should come to this rich country ;-) ))))))))))))))


Mar 19th, 2009

Try Boracay, its in the Philippines. Perfect place, if you like to go to the beach…its like paradise. If you like tour guide..im just here..


Mar 21st, 2009

i really like beaches in the Philippines… if you want a beautiful beach with nice party, go to boracay, philippines. if u just want to relax and be close to the naturem go to palawan philippines. palawan has been a secret resorts for hollywood celebrities.


Mar 23rd, 2009

The Philippines has the best beaches in my opinion… Try out Amanpulo in Palawan. Its a great place to stay and the beach, speechless. If you want a peaceful place to stay and not too crowded, this is the perfect place for you. To get here you must book a flight to Palawan then get a private plane to get there. This was one of the options of the movie “The Beach”. Here’s a quick link for it. http://www.amanresorts.com/

But beyond this, I really love Boracay!!!


Mar 23rd, 2009

Oh this is the direct website disregard the previous that I mentioned. http://www.amanresorts.com/amanpulo/home.aspx


Mar 26th, 2009

try Boracay and Anawangin in Zamabales – it’s a virgin island if you really want a place not crowded by people and not touched by modernity try this!

experience is awesome, believe me! Ü


Mar 31st, 2009

boracay is the best :)


Apr 1st, 2009

been hearing a lot of good comments about ANAWANGIN in zambales.. ive seen the pictures too. better go there before it gets commercialized… :)


Apr 3rd, 2009

Boracay should be #1 in the list. been coming back to this great beach many times. Boracay, the best spot in the whole world!


Apr 4th, 2009

you forgot the best one! its boracay in the phillipines…..visit and enjoy it!….aside from boracay….there are hundreds of vigin beaches in the phillipines that is uncomparable…be amaze…


Apr 6th, 2009

olango is the best beach for me thats located in sta.magdalena sorsogon


Apr 7th, 2009

Beaches here in the Philippines are the best !! No more doubts and questions …

Wasabi Wonderland

Apr 8th, 2009

I go to Boracay monthly. I’m lucky to be living in the Philippines. Coron is the next Boracay. Check it out before the rest of the world discovers its beauty. ;)


Apr 9th, 2009

I loVe BoracaY :)

chemoy ladyju

Apr 16th, 2009

where’s boracay, camiguin and coron palawan?

The Creator

Apr 18th, 2009

Cuba has some of the best beaches in the world and it didn’t make it into this list because of all the politics and because so far Americans do not have access to Cuba freely due to the stupid American Embargo of 1962. Definitely a shame! Have traveled the world and very few beaches compare to those found in Cuba…

gwyn mark yap

Apr 21st, 2009

boracay, palawan, and caramoan islands in the philippines are one of the best beaches in the world…


Apr 24th, 2009

..boRacay is the best! check it out!


Apr 24th, 2009

magdagooc.. it’s a “must-see” …

aniaque p.

Apr 25th, 2009

one of the most beatiful beaches in the world.come and visit the island paradise of BORACAY philippines……


Apr 25th, 2009



Apr 29th, 2009

uuuumm… you are totally off. Boracay, Cebu, and many more of the Philippine islands aren’t here! Boracay should especially be here. You should get your facts right before you do anything else.

christian m.

Apr 29th, 2009

la union beaches is one of the best in the philippines as well, in the world,got surfing in the north, we also have thousands of waterfalls in here,come try it ,to c is to see,aja,


Apr 29th, 2009

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ROniLo Antonio

May 8th, 2009

.where’s the PHILIPPINES..
.PHHLIPPINES have a lot of finest beaches like the BORACAY in PALAWAN, Camiguin Beach..



May 11th, 2009

BORACAY island’s white beach is the best beach for me next would be amanpulo (where hollywood stars go to) and El Nido, Palawan (the inspiration of “The beach” movie,)….wonder why it is not in ur list…have you been to S.E. Asia lately?.


May 21st, 2009

Wow Guys… Im a filipina and now living here in Australia (queensland) I’ve been to beaches here and thought, I should have visited Phil Beaches first before I leave My Country.. The only thing I liked in the beaches here in Australia Is its neat and cleanliness..I guess Philippine beaches are great but its the people that never appreciate them and dont know how to preserve the nature.


May 29th, 2009

ima boracay baby.

James Holden

May 31st, 2009

BORACAY. Beauty, relax, party!


Jun 6th, 2009

We keep New Zealand beaches a secret–we don,t have to wave our flag to convince us what we already have.If you haven,t been here then you don,t know what freedom really is.Our beaches are sparsely populated,thats because we only have 4 million people in the whole country.We have clean white sand beaches to equal anything in the world–I know because I have travelled to other places in the world.


Jun 11th, 2009

boracay indeed.


Jun 17th, 2009

one of the PHILIPPINE BEACHES should be on the list. I mean there are so many beautifull and pristine beaches there!!! Not to mention low prices and the hospitality of the locals.


Jun 17th, 2009

I didnt find the the brazilian beach called `Jeri Beach` in that list…


Jun 19th, 2009

just came back from Maroma, Mexico. Beautiful.


Jun 23rd, 2009

and where the hell is Mauritius???

Belive me

Jun 24th, 2009

Why! you talk Boracy in Philipin only.. I think Borcay is Top 5 Or top 6 in the world ? or all coment is vote BORACAY is Philippinean ?? oh BAbay….. but PHi PHi island is top2 In the wolrd…. i think i beutifull better BORACAY BEACHES … you never go PHI PHI ISLAND IF U COME THAILAND AND E YOU GO TO Phi phi island . you meet the paradise in the world . .. .. belive m my friends…:)


Jul 8th, 2009

when it comes to natural beauty of fine white beaches, untouched islands, and a very hospitable and warm people, go to El Nido, Coron, Puerto Prencisa and other small islets of PALAWAN ISLAND, second is White Beach(night life, and other activities), Puka Beach and Baling hai Beach(if you want a private and peaceful environment, and very relaxing) of BORACAY, the third is Puerto Galera of OR. MINDORO.

Philippines is constitutes an archipelago of 7,100 islands. that is why i recommend this country. imagine how many islands in philippines during high tide, much more during low tide. if you see the beauty words will out in your mouth is WOW PHILIPPINES……….

Come and enjoy PHILIPPINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jul 11th, 2009

They should put Boracay, Philippines.


Jul 12th, 2009

one_some10@yahoo.com a hot beach boy here

half pi

Jul 21st, 2009

Philippine beaches are the best! come and enjoy…


Aug 6th, 2009

I am a filipina and I have known a lot of beaches in our country and most of them are at par with the best beaches in the world. I am so sad there was none from the Philippines in the list like Boracay. I have never been there but I have read a lot of comments that BORACAY is one of the bests. I am in Mindanao and so far I would recommend DAKAK AND CAMIGUIN BEACHES to be one in the World’s Best Beaches list.


Aug 7th, 2009

The Best Greek Beah is Mylopotas Beach in Ios. Inch dtand in Kerry,ireland should also be on the list. enough of borocay already. what is this , The Phiilipines Tourist board thread??

best beaches

Aug 13th, 2009

Thanks to this interesting list.I think Poipu Beach is one of the most interesting ones.Your site contain a many useful information.


Aug 14th, 2009

You’ve really missed the boat leaving Grace Bay, on the island of Provodenciales in Turks and Caicos off your list.

Amazing beach, lots of privacy. Great restaurants across the island, snorkeling on reefs just off shore–so you can just walk down the beach as opposed to paying somebody to take you on a boat–etc. etc.

I highly suggest you go there. (Go between June and August, which is their low season. It’s hotter but you’ll have huge tracts of flawless beach to yourself. Be aware though, groceries are ridiculously expensive.)



Aug 14th, 2009



Sep 6th, 2009

I’m happy that we appreciated all of these, which is God’s creation. Every part of the world their is a beautiful spot. I’m from Philippines and since I was a child I admired the nature that I beheld most especially the beaches, it is very beautiful in my sight, not yet comparing to other countries, and really it is! I also appreciate the other part of the world.


Sep 12th, 2009


Part of Mauritian beaches..ile aux cerfs beach is great!!


Sep 14th, 2009

I yhink for me the judges of this top 10 best beaches in the world did not visit the 7,000 islands of the philippines? I just want to tell you a lot of beautiful and finest beaches in the world you can see in the Philippines. im so very sure it will be in top 1 to 3 this are only the openion of those who did not visit the beaches of the Philippines. Philippine beaches try to dicover it PEOPLE BEFORE YOU SECT THE TOP TEN?


Sep 14th, 2009

My advice for the people who made this selections of the Best Beaches in the World , Please Explore more may be you for got the Authetic beautiful beaches in the World. Theres a lot in the Philippines? BORACAY and PALAWAN must be included. Theres a lot in your top 10 is not really good i have been there try to VISIT the beaches of PHILIPPINES before you will conclude your judgement. Thank you


Sep 15th, 2009

make your own list for philippines i think this was done many years ago because i know i saw list on tv

Jennifer E. Brown

Sep 30th, 2009

It makes me wish I could afford another vacation now. :-)

karen kay

Oct 10th, 2009

BORACAY! it should be on the list because it is one of the best tourist destination in the world…
not only the beaches are captivating but as well as the hospitality of filipinos will make you hook to the place…


Oct 12th, 2009

The best beach in the world is in Cuba. Pilar Beach is the best beach in the world! Go see for yourself

Manoj Kumar Basak

Oct 13th, 2009

Top “Ten Beaches” list is too short for the WORLDS great Beaches !!!!!

Try HAVLOCK in Andaman Islands,

And what about the beaches of GOA !!!!!

Oct 13th, 2009

p.j. hoffman

Oct 15th, 2009

you left pout the most beautiful beach i have ever been to “pilar beach” in cuba by far.

donald b

Oct 24th, 2009

you dont have the beautifulest beach, you can find iy on the island of exuma, the bahamas


Oct 29th, 2009

beach! beach! beach!
we all love the beach!

check out philippine beaches! the best…

Summer Pilapil

Nov 1st, 2009

i’m a filipino and i hate boracay. u know why???
because of the sooooooooo many tourists who come and flock every year. boracay has lost its beauty, it’s not as pristine as it used to be because of commercialization. too many people, you can see little of the beautiful white sand. too many garbage and just too much noise. actually people just wanna go to boracay not for the beach but for the tourists. if you’re from manila and you wanna get away from the city, you don’t wanna go to boracay coz you’ll probably see the same people from work or from your neighborhood there. boracay USED to be the best beach.


Nov 21st, 2009

wow! so many comments…


Dec 13th, 2009



Jan 10th, 2010

almost summer!!!!


Jan 22nd, 2010

There is no God. The best beach is the one that is close and you can go to after work. For me, that is Wasage Beach, Canada. The longest freshwater beach in the world!


Jan 24th, 2010

Bavaro beach Dominican Republic….one of the best!!!!! in the caribeean


Feb 2nd, 2010

almost summer…….


Feb 12th, 2010

if yu plannin to come to INDIA pls… hav a visit of UTTAR PRADESH beach… the best beach is in lucknow.. and 2nd best is in kanpur…… the water there is of red color… with white chicks free of cost.. plz.. come to UTTAR PRADESH..best beach in india..
one more place is BIHAR beach…. its a very renouned beach in INDIA.. FOUNDATION STATION by LALU PRASAD YADAV.. he only poured the water in that beach…
for further information contact undersign…


Feb 23rd, 2010

thank you roger 1st. aug. 2008 i agree with you wholeheartily, ireland, wales and england, beautiful beaches, i found the above selection crappy


Mar 1st, 2010

i love the bitches of this world! the world is crazy and i have a headache now


Mar 2nd, 2010

4) is an amazing beach been there with myv family.

Elle A.

Mar 4th, 2010

yes! and number 9 so nice also… great for honeymoon


Mar 7th, 2010

that weird list. Ipamena has big waves, Monaco stones, myconos as well.the rest is fine


Mar 14th, 2010

hey where’s boracay island in malay aklan philipines


Mar 15th, 2010

Monte Carlo is the best.Awesome!!!!!


Mar 17th, 2010

Now lets be fair here, the caribbean has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world for those who are not aware. Negril seven mile beach in Jamaica in my opinion is the most beautiful of them all. The white sand and the tranquil enviornment makes it a excellent getaway spot. Bahamas, Bermuda and Anguilla have lovely beaches as well.


Mar 19th, 2010

philippines has best beaches!!!! boracay and palawan


Mar 20th, 2010

philippines beaches are the best.. boracay(aklan) malahog(samar) samal island(davao) el nido, puerto princessa, aman pulo, cebu, bohol etc.. imagine……. we have 7000+ island… we have the best among the rest…….


Mar 25th, 2010

OHH yesss the PHILIPPINES has the best beaches by far! Who could not agree

dominique lee

Mar 26th, 2010

no more asken for more info pack now and ho to tge nearest beacg near you………………………..


Mar 31st, 2010

For most people, a summer vacation is synonymous with one thing–the beach. The challenge of finding the perfect beach has tempted and perplexed travelers for ages, and for many it’s a bit of a siren call. Cheraibeach is one of the best beach in Kerala,India.www.cheraihotel.com provide the information about this virgin beach destination in kerala


Apr 2nd, 2010



Apr 4th, 2010

And wheres Flamenco, Culebra Puerto Rico? ? ? is the best beach in the caribbean ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Apr 6th, 2010

i fell the best beeach is barbados west indies

todd bennett, Oregon USA

Apr 13th, 2010

Boracay is a very beautiful beach but if you want serenity go to Bantigue Cove and Dive Resort in Malapscua Island, Cebu.


Apr 13th, 2010

The Philippines has the Best Beaches in the whole wide world.
But be carefull with the abusayaff. They will kidnap you and asking for a ransom…… $1 M !


Apr 17th, 2010

Der Strand
Der Strand ist eine Kombination aus Meer und Backwaters, gesäumt vom satten Grün der Kokospalmen und Reisfeldern. Auch wenn es andere Strände für einen Strandurlaub gibt, bieten nur wenige die Schönheit und Ruhe, die man in Cherai findet. Ein idealer Strand zum Schwimmen, Sonnenbaden, Flanieren, Drachensteigen lassen und um viele Eindrücke zu gewinnen.

Cherai ist ein ausgezeichnetes Reiseziel in Kerala. Es ist ein typisches Dorf mit Reisfeldern und Kokospalmen. Wunderschöner, goldener Sandstrand, sauber und flach ins Wasser reichend, lädt zum Schwimmen und Sonnenbaden ein. Die kühle erfrischende Morgenluft an den Stränden von Cherai ist einzigartig und an kaum einem anderen Strand der Welt zu finden. Die ruhigen heiteren Backwaters bieten Entspannung und viele Motive für das photographische Auge. Die Kokosnusswälder, ein einzigartiges und wertvolles Geschenk von Mutter Natur, runden das Bild perfekt ab. Vielleicht deswegen ist es solch ein beliebtes Urlaubsziel für Touristen



Apr 29th, 2010

love the beach! been to seychelles few years back. it is unbelievable mate. . . diving is great

scuba blue reefers from malaysia

Jim Scott Henley CA. USA

May 10th, 2010



May 14th, 2010

hey les,wasaga beach is a cold dirty lake,it’s not a beach,jump on a plane and go south,then you ‘r gonna see what a beach is.


May 22nd, 2010

where is Playa Dorada, Dominican Republic?

lea mo

May 29th, 2010

where is the philippines beaches here????


Jun 1st, 2010

this list is simply biased and overrated… not a single beach from Asia? Maybe this list is the “Most Commercialized Beaches in the world.” and not the “BEST” huh?


Jun 2nd, 2010

ganpatipule is the best beach in kokan


Jun 6th, 2010



Jun 11th, 2010



Jun 12th, 2010

frankly i’m darn tired of hearing people saying that boracay is the best because it’s not that perfect anymore from the first time i been there..went there last january and it wasnt nice an experince.

rock it

Jun 27th, 2010

i love bora bora


Jul 13th, 2010

Philippines host most wonderful beaches….There are 7107 islands of Philippines all of them has it\\\\\\\’s own uniqueness.One example of islands in the Philippines is Palawan……..Palawan has lots of wonderful and breath taking beaches…….You will be puzzled to judge which is the most because most of them rated best……In fact Palawan Province consits of 1100 plus islands…All of them are unparalleled beautiful beaches……..Having also untouched tropical rainforest…….Wild life roaming around………especially endemic animals….and also lots of endemic plants that only Palawan island has………..Just go to 1100 plus island of Palawan province you will be amazed by God’s given beauty of an island……..The rest of the Philippines islands would be unique as what i have defined to the thousand island of Palawan………….


Aug 3rd, 2010

Coron, Palawan


Sep 11th, 2010

caramoan islands in the philippines is the no.1 best beaches in this planet earth


Sep 15th, 2010

boracay still number one!


Oct 6th, 2010

hi,,it should be boracay is the top one lol x,the best place and perfect for holiday,,,this survey is old i think need to make new one for a good change:)BORACAY PHILIPPINES BEST AMONG THE REST,,,,


Oct 15th, 2010

hey i love the beach, love to go to philippine today


Oct 18th, 2010

I recently came back from a trip to Poipu Beach and completely agree that it’s a great family beach. We stayed at a real nice Poipu Beach hotel right on the beach, and I couldn’t believe how fast our week went!


Nov 23rd, 2010

The Grenadines, Caribbean – tiny castaway islands.
Koh Rong Island, off Sihanoukville, Cambodia – undeveloped, clear turquoise sea and miles long.
Whitehaven, Australia – dazzling white sandbar and virgin rainforest.
The Mayan riviera – blue, blue water and cool white sand
…I feel nostalgic now


Jan 1st, 2011

happy new year! going to the beach..bondi!!!


Jan 3rd, 2011

I have been to Phi Phi, Thailand and trust me its gr8.
About Kashid, India. Noway it fits under top 10.

I am thinking of Boracay now! :)


Jan 14th, 2011

Boracay USED TO be top 1 beach in the world. Just past story and just legend.
Now dirty GREEN ALAGE BLOOM(dry season) cause sewage into groundwater. Don’t you remember coliform bacteria in 1997.
Boracay small island but too many tourist stay there. Now Boracay almost dying. Also too many resort n bar, restaurant. Coral Reef Dying. Only a few fish. What is worse Caticlan airport extend(million project).
We ruined paradise!!!!


Jan 14th, 2011

Boracay USED TO be top 1 beach in the world. Just past story and just legend.
Now dirty GREEN ALAGE BLOOM(dry season) cause sewage into groundwater. Don\’t you remember coliform bacteria in 1997.
Boracay small island but too many tourist stay there. Now Boracay almost dying. Also too many resort n bar, restaurant. Coral Reef Dying. Only a few fish. What is worse Caticlan airport extend(million project).
We ruined paradise!!!!


Jan 20th, 2011

i agree, it is an abused place now very sad


Feb 15th, 2011

Beaches here in the Philippines are the best !! No more doubts and questions …


Feb 22nd, 2011

boracay is the best beach in the world… try to go there…


Feb 22nd, 2011

boracay is the best beach in the world… try to go there…


Apr 13th, 2011

masyadong mahal di ma afford

Stella Ntouliou

Sep 27th, 2011

Thank you for this reference! My fav one is Pink Sands Beach, Harbor Island, the Bahamas
If you want check out Mykonos island Beaches, Mykonos Greece at http://mykonosgold.com/beaches/mykonos-beaches.htm


Feb 17th, 2012

Im thinking Maldives, Boracay, Fernando De Nahora, Whitehaven, and Lanikai must be there ….

rocel siano

Mar 27th, 2012

Dakak is the best resort…………………,i love white sand.


Apr 11th, 2012

i think this guy has never been in the philippines. AMANPULO, PUKA BEACH, BORACAY ARE THE BEST EVER BEACHES IN THE WORLD. all of them are in the philippines.


Sep 23rd, 2012

BORACAY and CARAMOAN island are the best ever beaches in the wold

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