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Tourism: Pros and Cons

by SRitenour on 17/12/08 at 7:05 am

Living in the world with tourists.

There can be advantages and consequences to tourism. An advantage of tourism in Florida is that there is no state tax, unlike other states. Also, another advantage is the amount of money the state makes off of people coming to visit. The consequences can be astounding from language barriers to the amount of traffic in certain seasons. Tourism is a good thing for the Florida economy, but it can be annoying to the people who have to live here.
Florida has no state tax due to all the tourism. The advantages of no state tax, is that the people who live here have less tax out of pay checks. We don’t pay state tax because of the Tourist Development tax, which is a tax on short term rentals of anywhere from 1 day to 6 months. This tax helps the state of Florida to restore beaches, capital improvements, advertise and promote Florida and much more. This is a great thing because the residents who live here do not have to pay the tax to do so.
The state of Florida is made up of so many tourist attractions, from theme parks to beautiful beaches. A majority of the money made in Florida is due to Orlando, Florida, and all the theme parks it provides. If none of these many attractions did not exist Orlando would turn upside down in poverty. Tourists are a big part of keeping Florida up and running. This is why we need all the tourism, without it our State economy would be very low.
Tourism can also bring many consequences, because of all the tourists coming from other countries. Language barriers are one of the things we have to deal with when living in Florida. People come from all over America and the World. With this aspect we have people talking in different languages and not comprehending our language. Also, the amount of traffic can be astounding, because of all the tourists all coming over to visit. Although there are these consequences we deal with them because without them, there would be nothing here.
Tourism can be a frustrating aspect of the state of Florida, but because of all the tourism we have many advantages that can be very good. We live with the tourists and because of them we have what we have. Even though it can be very annoying and frustrating, tourists are what make Florida a successful state.

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