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Why You Should Visit Orlando in Florida

by Spraye on 22/07/11 at 10:37 am

Hello this is a arcticle about why you should visit Florida.

Hello this is my first article on here, I’m not much into making articles but please give me a try :) . So this is a article about why you should visit Florida.

I went there a couple years ago and had really much fun, Its a great family trip. Be sure to pick a good hotel, I went to The Florida mall hotel in Orlando. The Florida mall hotel is a great pick for a hotel because it’s connected to a mall where you can go shopping and eat dinner,lunch and just some snack at the day. There is also Starbucks coffee in the hotel so you can go there and get some coffee and breakfast.

You can go to Disney Land and have lots of fun there. in Disney Land you can go to The Animal Kingdom Park, The Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot, Those are all theme parks in Disney Land. In the Animal Kingdom Park you can go in a giant truck with guides and explore all the wild animals, It’s like a giant zoo. You can also go in lots of roller coasters i think. The Magic Kingdom Park is just the original Disney world with the castle that comes in the beginning of Disney movies, It’s really fun to go there if you have kids because you can meet Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck and Goofy and many more Disney characters, And lots of more fun like Tomorrow land and Adventure land. In the Disney Hollywood Studios is lots of fun too you can have lots of fun.  ”Disney offers behind-the-scenes glimpses of Hollywood-style action with live shows, thrilling attractions, backstage tours and special events that only happen in this Disney Park dedicated to entertainment.”. And finally in Epcot you can go to a future world you can go inside a giant golf ball or i don’t know if it is a golf ball ha ha, In there you can see lots of facts about when the first computer were made and more fun facts. You can also go in a train and lots of more fun like 4D Cinema and you can go to other lands in Disney World, It’s like worlds designed for Disney World where you can visit them.

It’s also lots of fun to go to Sea world, I never went there but it gets lots of great Reviews. In Sea world you can go to lots of water slides in many colors, There are even water slides underwater like on this image with a guy in a water slide with whales, It’s pretty awesome going there i bet.                                                                   Photo Found at http://www.bestorlandovacationpackages.com

In Sea world you can also see well tamed whales and lots of cute dolphins.

And finally you can visit the Universal Studios, In the Universal Studios you can go behind the scenes of movies and TV shows. At http://www.universalorlando.com you can plan your trip to Universal Studios if your going to go there. You can go to lots of rides and water rides, Like The Simpsons ride and The Jaws ride. In the Jaws ride you go in a boat just like in the movie. And in the Simpsons ride you can ride along with The Simpsons Family they go to The Krusty Land and have lots of fun there.

In Orlando are lots of more fun things to do but this is all that i am going to say about why you should visit Orlando.

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Jul 22nd, 2011

Nice im going there next summer with my kids =] thanks for the tips


Jul 22nd, 2011

Nice im going there next summer with my kids thanks for the tips


Jul 22nd, 2011

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