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Where Tradition and Development at Ballybunion Golf Club – The Old Course

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When it comes to vacation spots ideals of golf in Ireland, south-west full of great golf courses filled with links and stunning views.

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.In these places, you will see Ireland’s most sought after golf course all eager to line up for a tee time, the Ballybunion Golf Club, particularly its old course.

Many popular names in the golf world has seen the wonderful charm of Ballybunion and have continually used as a heating current to rest and relax before the Open. Names like Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, Tiger Woods and Tom Watson has registered in its log book and have given good reviews and comments in this wonderful and fascinating golf vacation in Ireland.

Being captain of the Ballybunion Golf Club Millennium, Tom Watson, said he is one of the best and most beautiful tests of links he has played in, having played there since 1981.

Here in the Old Golf Course, you will find links very difficult when the winds are constant factors and the earth is surrounded by breathtaking views of the Atlantic.

Opened August 18, 1893, the Ballybunion Golf Club had its share of ups and downs.In its early days, came Ballybunion Golf Club not enjoy the popularity it has today, and he fell into economic oblivion. His first 8 years reeled in its lowest and soon recovered by the change in the officers’ club.

As more developments and land links were sent, grew the reputation of the Ballybunion Golf Club grew. In 1926, the course had plans to expand to a total of 18 holes, barely a year later, these plans have been made. His national recognition began in 1932 when the Irish Ladies Championship was held there. Five years later, followed While Irish Close Amateur Championship suits. <

Your first level of the main competition was in 1957 when the course was chosen as the venue for the Irish Professional Championship. Soon after, waves of recognized competitions and golf organizations to their high quality links and have given high praise.

After over 60 years, the Ballybunion Golf Club finally got the recognition he deserves and the right things were not exactly the same. Golfers come in droves from all over the world to know what the Irish have been the fate of more than a century. Ballybunion Golf Club would always be recognized as the best golf resort in Ireland.

But aside from its majestic sand dunes and beautiful and fascinating background created by the Atlantic Ocean, the tradition and culture that has made Ballybunion Golf Club what it is today is what keeps people coming in.

It also has world class facilities that can meet the needs of many golfers around the world. It is a newly built club has a dining 120 persons, two bars and some areas show very relaxing. There is also a Pro Golf Shop that carries every golfing needs that you may have. Furthermore, as a golf course, you will find training facilities: putting green, sand bunker practice Improper installation, driving and chipping green.

Ballybunion Golf Club is located on Sand Hill Road., Ballybunion, Country Kerry, Ireland.For the law of the largest golf holiday in Ireland, there is a choice for Centenary professionals.

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