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10 Halloween Freak Show Candies : More Trick Than Treat

by Sher D Fly on 28/10/07 at 4:27 pm

There are plenty of crazy candies out there for those who are looking for something a little different this Halloween. These Trick or Treats however, are truly abnormal candy flavors, great for alternative gift ideas, and maybe a good prank as well. Just make sure that you don’t take a bite out of one by mistake.

  1. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

    The Jelly Belly Candy Company, USA came up with these magical Harry Potter inspired flavors. Each Bertie Bott’s 4.25 oz box holds 10 weird flavors such as vomit, earwax, earthworms, boogers and dirt, among others. The names certainly sound gross and according to people who have tasted it, each candy tastes like what it’s supposed to be.

  2. Ammonium Chloride Candy

    Ammonium chloride is naturally produced in volcanoes and it is normally used in making dry batteries. However, in Finland ammonium chloride is the main ingredient in “salamiakki”, a Finnish candy. Sometimes, the Finnish also dissolve this candy into their vodka drinks.

  3. Mutton Caramel Candy

    A Japanese food manufacturer in Hokkaido came up with the idea of producing the Genghis Khan Caramel, made of mutton extract. It is said that this candy tastes like normal caramel at first and then has a strange taste of BBQ mutton with garlic thereafter.

  4. Vosges Exotic Candy Bars

    Vosges is an American chocolatier that has ventured into specialty chocolate with a twist of exotic spices. Vosges original exotic lineup includes “Naga”, which is milk chocolate with Indian curry, coconut and “Red Fire”, which is a mixture of dark chocolate with Mexican chipotle chili peppers and Ceylonese cinnamon.

  5. Tasty Tuna Tidbit

    The Jane-Jane Tasty Tuna Tidbit is a Japanese fish candy made of tuna fish, soy sauce and sugar. It tastes and smells fishy.

  6. Uncle Oinker’s Savory Bacon Mints

    This mint is definitely not your ordinary breath refresher. Each mint tastes like salty, crispy bacon with a hint of mint. Each regular tin contains 100 pieces of mint.

  7. Sunny Foods Mallow Pizza

    Sunny Products Development Ltd, USA came up with this marshmallow pizza complete with the all-time favourite marshmallow pizza toppings.What else?

  8. Bacon Chocolate Bar

    A Chicago based chocolatier, Coco Rougue, created this bacon chocolate bar. It is actually made up of dark chocolate with pieces of crispy salty bacon evenly distributed inside the chocolate bar. The contrast tastes between the bittersweet chocolate and the salty bacon definitely makes this chocolate bar a unique product.

  9. Mitarashi Dango Gummy

    A Japanese company was inspired by the famous Japanese festive snacks called the Mitarashi Dango, and he created these gummies. Mitarashi Dango is a glutonious rice snack, shaped into a ball, covered with a generous amount of sweet soy sauce. Whereas, the gummies are also shaped into small balls with a soft texture and salty soy sauce in the mid section.

  10. Wasabi Chocolate

    This Japanese wasabi chocolate is made of white chocolate with horseradish. It tastes rather strange with the sweetness of the chocolate followed by the spicy horseradish aftertaste.

Liked it


Oct 28th, 2007

very strange candies i hve never seen before.

ShungTung Peanut

Oct 29th, 2007

vomit as a candy flavour? earwax? tht sounds tasty..


Oct 30th, 2007

i wont eat all these crap!

A Great Story

Oct 30th, 2007

I love Berty Bott’s Every Flavored Beans! I ate them as a child…

The vomit or cherry flavor is the best next to pepper!


Nov 1st, 2007

Mitarashi Dango Gummy looks yummy. Anyone know where I can get this?


Nov 6th, 2007

i just lov candy. any candy will do. time for me to look for these
intresting ones. first in my list would be bacon mints. this could be a collectors item ..if its not a hit.


Nov 16th, 2007

I love lamb. Maybe they can make lambchop flavoured candy. Yummy


Nov 28th, 2007

Wonderous flavours, I would not have imagined

Sara McCurry

Sep 27th, 2008

This would be a very good idea to give the kids during Halloween this year.

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