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Mexican food recipes : Quesadillas, Gaspatcho, Tortilla and Tacos

by Radamel on 01/03/08 at 3:21 pm

The cuisine of Mexico is pleasing to many palettes. Run now to your nearest taqueria and grab one of these yummy foods.

I like Turkish and Chinese cuisine. I like eating Turkish food, as can be expected, since I live in Turkey. I eat Chinese food when I go out with my colleagues and friends. It was three years ago when I first tasted a Mexican food Quesadillas. It was very delicious. I asked my friends whether they liked Quesadillas or not. Our first impressions were positive about Quesadillas. All my friends confessed that Quesadillas was really delicious. After that day, Both I and my friends searched on other Mexican food. During this search activities, we also found good Mexican restaurants in Istanbul. This article is about my favourite Mexican food.


Quesadillas is the first Mexican food I have ever tasted. It is also the top of my favourite Mexican food. The ingredients of Quesadillas are chicken, potatoes, refried beans, sausage, ham, scrambled eggs, black pepper, salt, butter and mushroom. In some part of the Mexico, cheese is also added. Quesadillas is also a part of Mexican culture and tradition. If you live in Mexico or go to Mexico, you can easily find Quesadillas in every restaurants, stadiums and theaters.


Tortilla is made from finely ground maize or wheat flour. It is one of the symbols of Mexican kitchen. Tortilla is a kind of omelette which is made with layers of eggs and sliced potatoes. Tortilla is made not only in Mexico but also in Panama, USA, South America and Central America. Eggs and potatoes are main ingredients of Tortilla.


Gaspatcho is one of the popular Mexican soup. Unlike Quesadillas and Tortilla, Gaspatcho is served cold. The ingredients of Gaspatcho soup are tomatoes, green pepper, red pepper, cucumber, olive oil, bread, salt and vinegar.


Tacos is one of the traditional Mexican food. Tacos is made from corn flour, meat, chicken and mince. All these ingredients are mixed in a special pot called Taco. Most of the time, Tacos is mixed with spice.

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Pride Fishman

Mar 2nd, 2008

Isn’t there more important issues to talk about in our part of the world then Mexican food. Or the beautiful pictures you wnated us to see.

Lucy Lockett

Mar 2nd, 2008

I like tortilla’s and tacos, yummy.


Mar 22nd, 2008

Not to be mean but maybe I’m not completely understanding you beacause some of the ingredients are way off. A pot called a taco? Tortilla is an omlette? Cheese is added in some parts? Wow, don’t think I’ll try Mexican food if I ever got to Turkey-they put some strange stuff in it.


May 24th, 2008

I love the pictures. Could I use it for my project? Thanks!!


Jul 2nd, 2008

what the heck are you talken about, thats not mexican food.


Aug 4th, 2008

Your doing it wrong.


Sep 8th, 2008

authentic chinese food (new window)

Jorge López Rivas

Sep 8th, 2008

The classic quesadilla in México is made with cheese only. Of course there are other flavors but almost all include “queso” wich means cheese in spanish and is easy to see why the name QUESadilla. I live in México and i have never seen a quesadilla like you’re describing.


Sep 28th, 2008

Having been taught cooking by my Mexican grandmother, I can authoritatively say this is crap. For instance, for a Quesadilla: “In some part of the Mexico, cheese is also added.” Well, Queso is cheese, and it’s called a Quesadilla. Should be self evident, and that’s just the first paragraph.

For the record, a tortilla is flour, water, and lard, or shortening if you prefer. Two cups flour, half cup lard cut in to pea size, mix warm water into dough til barely sticky, knead with just enough flour to firm, separate into balls, roll out, and cook. Note the absence of eggs and potatoes.

Oh, look at what you learn on google. Tortillas de patatas. Made with eggs and fried potatoes, a traditional Spanish dish. Not Mexican. Spanish. Different sides of the Atlantic, savvy? At least make sure you’re using the Mexican version of a dish in an article dealing with Mexican food.

Gaspacho (not gaspatcho) is also a Spanish dish, of which tomato is a recent addition, not a defining ingredient. Vinegar is not a primary ingredient (but rather one added as an American, not Mexican, variant) and again, it is a Spanish dish.

Tacos, at least, are Mexican.

Fact check (and spell check) before you post something as fact, please? Okay?

Hector Diaz

Mar 5th, 2009

Ummm, im Mexican and i never heard of tortillas being made with potatoes and eggs an Omelette?? and of course a Quesadilla without cheese is of course not a Quesadilla so cheese is the MAIN Ingredient. Here are some main Traditional Mexican foods:

Pozole (Contains hominy, with pork (or other meat), chili pepper, and other seasonings and garnish, such as cabbage, lettuce, oregano, cilantro, radish, avocado, lime juice, etc. There are a number of variations on pozole, including blanco (white or clear), verde (green), rojo (red), de frijol (with beans), and elopozole (sweet corn, squash, and chicken or pork meat).
, Menudo is made with Cow Tripe, Garlic, red hot chiles, onions, bay leaves, peppercorns, Oregano, and Cuminos seed. (For Breakfast), Burritos large tortilla , any kind of meat, cilantro, cheese, onions, rice, beans, and you can also put any type of hot salsa to it!


May 7th, 2009

The potato and egg tortilla is from Spain – you should include Spain in your country of origin list.


May 26th, 2009

Great recipes


Jun 25th, 2009

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Ravindra Shrivastava

Jun 26th, 2009

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Dark Fairy

Jul 4th, 2009

Mmmmmmm. Yummy Mexican food. I haven’t had that in a long time. The pictures look great. Thanks for posting.

Mara Gonzalez

Jul 4th, 2009

Gazpacho is a cold Spanish tomato-based raw vegetable soup, originating in the southern region of Andalucía. Gazpacho is widely consumed throughout Spain, neighboring Portugal (where it is known as gaspacho) and parts of Latin America.

Gazpacho is mostly consumed during the summer months, due to its refreshing qualities.Gazpacho has ancient roots. There are a number of theories of its origin, including as an Arab soup of bread, olive oil, water and garlic that arrived in Spain with the Moors, or via the Romans with the addition of vinegar. Once in Spain became a part of Andalucian cuisine, particularly Seville, stale bread, garlic, olive oil, salt, and vinegar, similar to ajoblanco. Tomato was added to the recipe after it was brought to Europe after the Columbian Exchange which began in 1492. The dish remained popular with field hands as a way to cool off during the summer, and to use available ingredients (fresh vegetables and stale bread).

There are many modern variations of gazpacho, often in different colors and omitting the tomatoes and the bread in favor of avocados, cucumbers, parsley, watermelon, grapes, meat stock, seafood, and other ingredients. Gazpacho has become an almost generic term for chilled vegetable soup.


Mar 27th, 2010

It looks so tasty.

I am too hungry to eat all of them.

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Sep 24th, 2010

whoever wrote this has zero idea what mexican food is. literally none of these recipes are even slightly authentic.


Sep 25th, 2010

This has nothing to do with the mexican food. It looks like a bad joke. American vision of mexican food. Where is cilantro or coriander, limes, tortillas from maseca. What about mole, enchiladas, tamales …
Every mexican knows that torillas for tacos are not made of wheat flour.
Sorry. Lo siento. Žao Mi Je.


Sep 25th, 2010

I am a US citizen living in Sonora, in northern Mexico. I have traveled all over Mexico for over 40 years, and also all over the US southwest. I love the cuisines of Mexico. Also, my brother in law is Spanish, and I have eaten Spanish food for years. There is a large Turkish presence in the area where i owned a business for over 20 years, and I love the food.

Rodegalla is using Turkish ingredients and techniques to make Mexican food as best he can. Cut him some slack. And yes, Mexican tortillas are bread made from Nixtamal or wheat flour, Spanish tortilla are a potato dish, and what they said about gazpacho.

I have made some weird food combinations in New England trying to feed my Mexican cuisine jones. I doubt they have chiles ancho, poblano, or guerrero in Turkey, or crema entero, or ingredients to make green or yellow or black mole, or Flor de Mayo beans. On the other hand, where I am living they don’t have beyaz peynir, orgu, or lora,, or pide or lavas–I miss lavas so much–and the olive selection here is limited, to say the least.

Rodegalla, if you ever get to travel, try Mexico, it’s pretty inexpensive, especially compared to London or NYC, and have the opportunity to try the real stuff. In the meantime, enjoy what you have and don’t let the trolls bother you.

farmhouse dining table

Oct 8th, 2010

Tacos are my favorite! This post is like heaven to me! Everything is so lovely!

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