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Open Your Appetite: Countries with Best Food

by Ronald Marbles on 13/11/07 at 2:13 am

This gives an insight about the top countries with best food.


I am sure that everyone tasted Italian food at least once in their life and I guess we all agree that Italy has the greatest tasting food in the world.

United States

It the United States you can find a lot of different cuisines but the barbecue is one of their best. It is a classic old American style. Their sauces are something to at least try once. For example a Texas sauce balances the tartness of a North Carolina sauce with the sweetness of a Kentucky sauce.


Everybody will agree to this. They did get it right. From quesadillas to tacos to tamales to cabrito, they all taste just divine.


East and West together. An incredible taste like no other.


Turkey has to have the most variety in cuisine per square foot in the entire world. It ranges from typically Mediterranean vegetable dishes cooked in olive oil, grilled fish and kebabs, a multitude of stews and pastries to intricate specialties left over from its imperial past.


Their dishes are delicate and they offer a wide variety to everybody’s tastes. If you never ate Chinese in your life, then you surely are missing something.


A subtle and powerful cuisine. Who else has a dish that can actually kill you? For example Fugu’s poison can lead to instantaneous deaths of diners, only licensed cooks are allowed to prepare this dish.


If you go to India you will find out that nothing in India resembles what westerners perceive as Indian food. Worldwide Indian food is basically British Inventions such as Tandoori and Tikka Masala. These are English dishes. Indian food is Tahli which is nice but basic.


France is the heart of western cuisine, infinitely adaptable to new fresh ingredients. Never grows old.

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Feb 6th, 2008

where is the peruvian food?u serious?


Jul 30th, 2008

You should try peruvian food! (ceviche, anticuchos, picarones, pachamanca, papa a la huancaina…)


Oct 22nd, 2008

I’ll put peruvian food on the top 3


Nov 10th, 2008

Is stupid to leave Peruvian food out of the list!


Nov 11th, 2008

I agree. Peruvian food should be up there on the list.


Jan 3rd, 2009

Peruvian food should not have been left off the list. The variety and taste is


Jan 9th, 2009

American? fatasses what a joke.


Jan 27th, 2009

Seriously American? I strongly believe the top 3 in this order should be Mexican, Italian, and then Peruvian. Italian food is more internationally known but all its food is very similar and and not very diverse. Mexican food is by far the most diverse tasteful, and different every single region has its distictive style and has the most variety of dishes imaginable. Peruvian food came up big for its very elaborate dishes. Hands down Mexican food, but let me add that there are a lot more home dishes not known to tourists or restaurants.


Mar 16th, 2009

What about Brazilian, food, I had tried pizza from Brazil and Italy, and I have to say Brazil Rival’s Italy, also Brazil has great Arab cuisine, Japanese food, and so also it has it’s own food. Churrascaria, where the servers comes and slices the meat in your plate.


Mar 27th, 2009

Among the top three foods with the top world cuisine France and Peru have always been in the list. And this is the opinion of food experts.

Peruvian food is amazing and one of its restaurant was in the Guiness records many years ago for having 400 different dishes in the menu.

Who wrote this article? I am surprised to read his picks.


Mar 29th, 2009

Where is german food?
Schnitzel, sausages, apple struedel, bread, anything ring a bell?


Apr 2nd, 2009

where is the PERUVIAN food?
this is not serious!

Rick Motta

Apr 2nd, 2009

Mexican? Philippines? Really? Well, I guess if we’re being narrow minded Americans who lack of taste and cannot cook but have lots of money, well yes, fast food Mexican fits just right in our system. But please, do not speak for the whole world. No wonder there are tacos and burritos on every street here in the USA, keeping us #1 as the country with the most overweight people in the world. Mexican food is totally overrated, it is an OK food, but it does not belong in this kind of list. If that’s the case, you should’ve listed McDonald’s as well. Try these TRUE cuisines instead: French, Peruvian, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Chinese.

Ronald Marbles

Apr 3rd, 2009

Rick Motta…I am not American. I have never tasted Mexican food in the US, but I did in Mexico so I guess I tasted the real deal. French, Italian and Chinese are included in the list as well.

And the US is not the number 1 for obesity. That’s what a lot of people think but that fact is wrong. The first is Nauru with 94.5% of its population being obese. The US is somewhere between the 6th-9th place.


Ronald Marbles

Apr 3rd, 2009

Rick Motta…I am not American. I have never tasted Mexican food in the US, but I did in Mexico so I guess I tasted the real deal. French, Italian and Chinese are included in the list as well.

And the US is not the number 1 for obesity. That’s what a lot of people think but that fact is wrong. The first is Nauru with 94.5% of its population being obese. The US is somewhere between the 6th-9th place.


Mr. X

May 1st, 2009

yes sure, these are the countries with the best food… if u want to have a heart attack of course !!!!! good food should run side my side with healthy food !! that’s why i recommend Lebanese food, the healthiest food on earth.


Jun 30th, 2009

Peru should DEFINITELY have been up there. Their cuisine is incredible.

Enrique Corbacho

Aug 7th, 2009

What about Thai?
What about Vietnamese?


Sep 1st, 2009

I live in Texas.With the exception of guacamole, salsa, and fajitas, Mexican food is generally nasty. It all tastes the same (greasy and too much cumin) just called something different depending how you roll the tortilla. I did however hear in Mexico it is quite different. Peruvian food is incredible. I cant imagine why it was left out. It should of been in the top 3. Even though I am an American I cant say our food should of made this list either what a joke!


Feb 2nd, 2010

I am not mexican, but I have been living here for a long time, and I must say that burritos and tacos are not even close to the huge variety of mexican food, you guys think that because that is the food you get there in America, and thanks to America in a big part of the world.
Not all the mexican food is greasy or too much cumin, do not show your ignorance, Mexico has incredible salads, mole etc. Remember Chocolate and lots of ingredients come from Mexico, Mexican food is healthy, but the mexican food you guys eat in America is gross,trust me.
So if you really wanna judge, come to Mexico and taste real food, then you will get why in the world is that famous…it’s not a coincidence that appear in top 10 in every single list.


Feb 17th, 2010

Rick Motta…….please. You wont find a single Burrito in central or Southern Mexico. It is an American invention.

Ever heard of Huachinango? Chiles Enogados? Mole poblana? Huitlacoche?


Shut your mouth.


Feb 18th, 2010

Peruvian food is either #1 or #2, on par with Italian food.


Feb 27th, 2010

This list is not complete without Thai and Vietnamese.


Mar 2nd, 2010


delicious tongue

Apr 21st, 2010

What? Fillipino’s food? Are you out of your mind? It’s GROSS!!!


Apr 29th, 2010

I’ve been over 20 different countries, and the ONLY country that really ENCHANTED ME with their ENORMUS variety and DELICIOUS taste in food…. is:


btw, im going to Peru again this summer for 3RD TIME! im in love with it!

And I see ppl agree with me, so either fix the article or get it out of here, Peruvian food is the best!


Jun 28th, 2010

Indian food is the best in the world,undoubtedly.There are innumerable varieties in both veg & non-veg.And there are many Indian restraunts in West.


Aug 30th, 2010

where is the peruvian food at? i am so pissed that peru is not in the list.
and come on Philippines and United States? might of well just put down steak house for U.S.A . And why the heck is italy food all the way up there on number 10 it should be between
1-3 mainly 1. so dude fix the dang list


Oct 16th, 2010

Thai food


Nov 13th, 2010

omggg this list


Nov 13th, 2010




yesss american baby barbeques are soooo good but guys lets face it…. a country’s CUISINE has history behind it, native spices, history and evolution behind and from the natives for example…. oh wait you guys killed them all !


Dec 9th, 2010

Peruvian and Thai should definitely be on the list. Filipino food is there too and I agree. I’ve been there and the food is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Food changes depending on the island you are in. I actually prefer ceviche pilipino to ceviche peruano, but the peruvian aji de gallina is heavenly. I am not quite sure what american food is, though. I’ve been there only twice and ate nothing but burgers and pizza. Is there a dish that is hardcore american? (fried oreos, maybe? lol)


Jan 3rd, 2011

YOU CANT BE SERIOUS!!! Where the heck is Thai cuisine !!!!!!! Its the best thingggg!!


Jan 16th, 2011

Who made this list?? They left out Peruvian food…smh


Feb 6th, 2011

OMG! what the hell? haha US FOOD? this had to be written by a North American citizen, US has no traditional food what so ever! everybody can make BBQ’s with amazing sauces, US has restaurants from everywhere in the world but there is no such a thing as US CUISINE. I live in Australia and believe me they make amazing BBQ! and i have traveled the world, Argentinan BBQ is by far the best. If i had to make a fair list will be like this:

1- Italian
2- French
3- Peruvian
4- Thai
5- Japanese
6- Mexican
7- Chinese
8- Greek
9- Spanish
10- Indian


Aug 18th, 2011

Spain has the greatest restaurants in the world. It is a need to be in this list. The 1st best world restaurant is spanish, and in the top five there are 3 spanish restaurants.


Jan 27th, 2012

American food?? filipino you mean roasted dog??, peruvian and italian are the best i teh world..

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