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Popular Culinary Uses of the Banana in the Philippines

by nobert soloria bermosa on 10/04/08 at 9:38 am

Bananas are very popular in the Philippines, especially if eaten in one of these ways.

  1. Fried Banana

    This banana fritter or locally called “banana cue” because you can usually buy it in a stick. These are cooked by deep frying it with caramelized brown sugar.

  2. Turon (Banana Roll)

    A banana is usually sliced lengthwise into two, rolled in a sugar then wrapped with lumpia wrapper and then deep fried. Sometimes they add jackfruit to make it smells and tastes yummier. It is one of the favorite snacks of Filipinos.

  3. Banana Con Yelo (Banana With Ice)

    One of the best-sellers during summer, it is prepared by cooking/boiling it on a caramelized brown sugar until it is sweetened, and then they add crushed ice, and poured with evaporated milk in a bowl.

  4. Boiled Bananas

    Bananas can also be boiled either unripe or ripe. We call it “nilagang saging” (boiled banana). Unripe boiled bananas are usually eaten by dipping it first in sugar.

  5. Nilupak, Nilubyan, or Lubi-Lubi in Ilocano (Pounded Banana)

    It is usually prepared by pounding boiled unripe bananas using mortar and pestle. Brown sugar, grated coconut milk, and vanilla are mixed with it.

  6. Sweetened and Cubed Banana

    This is a major ingredient of the famous Halo-halo fiesta which is a number one favorite especially during summer. It’s a mixture of a lot of ingredients like jackfruit, sago (pearl ball), nata de coco, pinipig (toasted and flattened young glutinous rice), gulaman (gelatin), ube/halaya, added with sugar, crushed ice, evaporated milk and many others. Sometimes a scope of ice cream and leche plan are added as toppings.

  7. Cubed Bananas

    These are also added on a local snack known as “paradosdos”, “bilo-bilo” or “tambo-tambong” in Ilocano (rice balls with coconut milk).

  8. Pochero: Mudfish, Pork, or Beef

    A kind of stew with tomato sauce and mixed vegetables, “nilagang baboy o baka” (boiled pork or beef) and many other local dishes

Note: A variety/species of banana locally known as “saging na saba,” or plantain, is the kind of banana used in all the above-mentioned Filipino favorites.

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Alexa Gates

Apr 10th, 2008

Wow! I never knew you could cook a bannana in soo many ways! yum! I think the sweetened and cubed bannana sounds the best! Great article!

tracy sardelli

Apr 10th, 2008

great article, i would love to taste the turon, sounds divine.

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 10th, 2008

Hi Alexa and Tracy.

thank you so much for your wonderful comments,yeah you really have to try them,they are really good,

thank you,


Apr 10th, 2008

I remember the first day when i cooked TURON for my husband.. He thought u can only use egg wrap for spring rolls or egg rolls. He was surprised when he tasted it! Like he always said.. SARRAAAAPPPPP!!!

nobert bermosa

Apr 10th, 2008

wow! that was wonderful,, i can imagine how your American husband enjoyed eating TURON,,thanks Cristene,,Give my regards to Matt.

Judy Sheldon

Apr 10th, 2008

When I lived in NY we would buy plantains often and fry them. They are sweet and tasty.

Good article and wonderful illustrations. Thank you.

nobert bermosa

Apr 10th, 2008

…well, all i could say is- bananas really taste good,
thanks a lot Judy.

Lucy Lockett

Apr 11th, 2008

I like them straight off the tree! No mess, no fuss.

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 11th, 2008

Yes Lucy they are yummy also when eaten raw,
thank you so much!

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 11th, 2008

what i mean is –
fresh ripe plantain/banana


Apr 11th, 2008

Oh YUM, I’m not crazy about bananas, however I love the thought of them cooked up this way, especially fried, sweetened and the addition of coconut and br suger, sounds heavenly!!

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 12th, 2008

thank you very much Francie.
yeah, they are really yummy,
try it,,it’s really good


Apr 12th, 2008

They all look yummy…

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 12th, 2008

they really are IC,
thanks a lot

butch gray

May 15th, 2008

wow!banana looks great in the philippines.i would love to taste all the menus.i love eating banana,only the raw banana,i never heard that it can be cooked too.it feels great eating those menu’s,yyyuuummmmyyy!!!!!


May 29th, 2008

Hi, I’m Korean girl. It looks pretty yummy!!!

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