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The 17 Most Popular Exotic Foods in the Philippines

by nobert soloria bermosa on 20/04/08 at 7:10 am

Here’s a list of exotic foods from the Philippines. Want to try some?

Bizarre it may seem but these long list of foods are eaten in the Philippines. Want to try some?

Adobong pusa or cat adobo

Do you know that even cats are eaten by people in the Philippines? They cook it in adobo style, sautéed with garlic, onion and laurel leaf seasoned with soy sauce and vinegar. This is a favorite appetizer during their drinking spree.

Adobo/ prito o litsong daga or adobo/ fried or roasted rat

Rats from the rice paddies are also eaten. They would skin them, cut the head, the tail, and the legs then all internal organs are removed. Actually these rodents are clean because they only feed on rice. Cooking is done the adobo way deep fried. It can also be roasted like chicken.

Kilawing bunog (raw young of a mudfish)

These are eaten raw spiced up with vinegar or citrus juice, pepper, and salt.

Kilawing bunog

Adobo o pritong palaka (adobo or fried frogs)

Frogs can be cooked in adobo style or deep fried. It’s tastier than chicken. There are also some people in the Philippines that eat legs of bullfrogs cooked in the same manner.

deep fried frogs adobo style

Adobong ahas (snake adobo)

This is cooked in adobo style. Snake is commonly eaten in Asia because of its medicinal value. It’s also a good aphrodisiac.

Snakes/ snake adobo

Adobong bayawak/itlog (monitor lizard meat/eggs)

It is sautéed in garlic and onion, ginger and laurel leaf with pepper, soy sauce, and vinegar or more popularly called adobo. This is perfect for “pulutan” (food appetizer while drinking wine or liquor). The eggs are usually cook by simply boiling it, it taste salty and delicious. Their eggs are considered exotic because it’s rare and hard to find.

Lizard adobo / a lizard/ lizard’s egg

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Apr 20th, 2008

very interesting dishes, i would try the Ginataang kuhol

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 20th, 2008

sure, come to the Philippines so that you can have a taste of it…


Apr 20th, 2008

YUK! and probably a lot of other adjectives, lol Sorry nobert…. I have a weak stomach!!!! You put out a Great article however, lots of info and things I did not know (or is it, did not want to think about) Where have I been in all these years?? You really know much, me? not so much =)

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 20th, 2008

thanks a lot to you Francie..

Ruby hawk

Apr 20th, 2008

I have to say “yuk” too. though I don’t know why eating cats and dogs seems worse than eating pigs and chickens. It’s all in our culture I know. Thanks for the interesting information. I always like to learn new things.

Lucy Lockett

Apr 22nd, 2008

I’m good, I’ll stick to vege’s thanks!

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 22nd, 2008

well good for you you’re a vegetarian, my mom is also a vegetarian and admire the likes of you,even if i wanted to i can’t resist eating meat.thanks anyway


Jul 15th, 2008

Where can I buy cooked turtle?

nobert soloria bermosa

Jul 15th, 2008

sorry i can’t answer your question Shiela,as far as i know,killing turtles is prohibited by law,besides it’s not included in the list,thanks for reading and asking though


Aug 16th, 2008

can you recommend restaurants in the philippines that offer these exotic foods? preferably in manila or somewhere in NCR or region 4? thanks a lot!

nobert soloria bermosa

Aug 16th, 2008

hi gracie,
check this out – Exotik restaurant – it’s located in Longos, Kalayaan Highway in Laguna. It is about 4 hours drive from Manila.


Aug 29th, 2008

wow…this is great…im checking these foodstuffs as a part of my study or thesis…can you recommend some information on how can i have those insects such as mole crickets, grasshoppers and locusts…i need a lot of them…this is a part of my undergrad thesis…tnx..

nobert soloria bermosa

Aug 29th, 2008

sometimes they’re available at wet markets in the provinces,try the above-mentioned restaurant,thanks


Aug 31st, 2008

tnx a lot…it helps me though it might be difficult…^_^

rowelle delos santos

Nov 20th, 2008

saan ako makakabile ng palaka d2 sa manila… im from Quezon City

nobert soloria bermosa

Nov 21st, 2008

hi rowell,to be honest with you di k alam,try m sa mga wet market jan,in the province they are abundant during the months of may,june and july.


Dec 8th, 2008

what are the health benefits of exotic foods?


Dec 8th, 2008

anu po ba ang health benefits ng mga exotic foods?


Dec 26th, 2008

mas gusto ko kilawing tilapia ung buhay na may buhok


Jan 15th, 2009

i’ll eat them all,..

nadine de leon

Jan 24th, 2009

ooh!even i am Filipino but i didn’t eat cat and dog..i loved dog and cat..i can eat all of this except what i mentioned…grabi naman pati pusa yakks!!ito ang hindi ko masikmura.


Jan 24th, 2009

wooow!! delicious but i dnt want to eat cat and dog.my favorites balut and frog its so yummy…. all of the above i can ate..ang sarap naman basta mga exotic foods exciting kainin..although sa una parang di mo kaya.but when u eat already then u liked the taste u want it more..at hahanap hanapin mo ito.basta ako ayoko ng pusa..


Feb 10th, 2009

kuya nobert anu poh b literatura ng pilipinas bout sa pagkain ng exotic food?


Feb 15th, 2009

gusto ko sana magtayo ng exotic restaurant. ask ko lng kung safe ba iserve yan and kung san market nakakabili ng mga yan..


Feb 24th, 2009

come visit me hiR in the philippines i will sure you that i wiill enjoy you.,.im from pampanga anne balderama.,.

nobert soloria bermosa

Feb 24th, 2009

yeah safe kainin mga ito,depende kung ano gusto m iserve,kung lahat2 mahirap hanapin,yung iba seasonal lang,they’re available at wet markey especially in the province,kuhol is available anywhere,frogs are available during rainy season,goat they are available everywhere,camaro is available before planting season.


Mar 2nd, 2009

amp pokpok poster #26 oh eewie mas kadirdir pa sa kuhol


Apr 16th, 2009

tatlo palang nakakain ko dyan. papaitan tops my list. I heard fried frogs are delicious. Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Manila that serves fried frogs???


Apr 30th, 2009

Yuk, kakadiri yung paniki. Syet, kakain na ako ng pusa wag lang paniki noh. Yak.


May 11th, 2009

gusto ko kilawing ahas! hehehe!


May 19th, 2009

where can i find these things?


Jun 8th, 2009

You will not hungry in the jungle if you have a filipino friends


Jun 29th, 2009

hahahaha anung yuck!!!
yuckie talaga
wag na kaung mag english tae
nasa pilipinas lang kau
mag tatagalog nlng ako


Jul 1st, 2009

I’ve tried eating fried mole cricket, since i’m an ilocano, and it’s one of their favorite food there.


Jul 6th, 2009

oww!!! my god……………nakakadiri ewwwwwwwwwww,,,,,,,,,,yuk


Jul 6th, 2009

natikman ko na ang lahat nang iyan,,totoo..sa una at sa isip nakadiri pero wala namang mawawala kung kakain or titikim tayo,alam din nating kinakain na ito ng mga ninuno natin,
*adobong paniki..ok \’to,,sa Bicol ang tawag namin ay Kabog..at masarap dahil prutas kinakain \’non or mga insekto.
*adobong ahas..sa Bicol ung iba ang kinakain nila is KULAPIHON .masarap at malinamnam…lalo na pag maanghang or pulutan
adobong pusa…sa Bicol ang tawag namin ay TING-GARONG..
…yap,wild cat yun at sobrang sarap
*adobong IK-IK…o yung sea cucumber na parang malaking itim na uod ..masarap sa ginataan..
*adobong bayawak,,,ang tawag namin ay HALU…mas masarap pa sa karneng baboy…at maganda sa mga mi skin disorder or skin disease
I\’M A BARISTA FOR COFFEE BEAN and i work as a bartender before at gerry\’s grill,,,i am an HRM undergrad and my eye is on cooking…
i\’ll be having my vacation this 23rd of the month in Bicol then i will prepare some of this..i\’m glad if some of our kababayan visit our place and experience all the exotic food,,..I\’M inviting you all to visit Rizal Beach Resort in GUBAT,SORSOGON.thanks,,

email me @ drewbright2004@yahoo.com if you want to share your word,,thank you

(i work as a tour guide too and practice mixed martial arts in PI and in Saudi Arabia)


Jul 6th, 2009

hindi lang sa adobo masarap ang mga ‘yan..pwede rin sa caldereta,inihaw,ginataan..or inin-in…or kilawin..
pawikan,page,pating,….unggoy,baboy damo.usa…yap endangered nga pero talagang masarap..buwaya too..

sa bicol mi masarap na food,,ung tinatawag naming amumusok…


Jul 19th, 2009

Lahat tayo naghahanap ng adventure, life and profession. Cheers to those na naghahanap ng adventure sa pagkain.. am one of em!!! and if you have not tried em.. i strongly suggest you do.. not bcoz we’re filipinos and these are pinoy dishes.. but merely bcoz they accentuate the adventure for dining and redefine the word “food” ;)


Aug 8th, 2009


maya martinez

Aug 18th, 2009

gusto i try ung adobong bayawak nakakatakam


Sep 1st, 2009

i already did..bayawak then ginataan and maanghang..the best yun…


Sep 11th, 2009

im filipino and i definitely dont eat cats and dogs…gross,it aint even smart to eat those they tend to carry parasites(they eat the strays)


Sep 24th, 2009

i tried dog before..back in 80’s…and cat.coz i thought my friend offer an appetizer,,our PULUTAN to go with a bottle of vodka…
he told it is a musang.”ting-garong” in bicol the coffee rat…damn..the taste was good but..the good thing is i feel like Tito Ortiz when they told me that i had cat…………

Irene E

Oct 18th, 2009

I HATE adobong pusa and aso it should not be included there!!! have pity with those animals Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dianne marie orsina

Dec 10th, 2009

hi kuya norbert. :)

i\’m dianne from taguig city. i\’m working on an undergrad thesis. just want to know if where are the restaurants that serve exotic foods aside from that of laguna. any information will be appreciated. it would help me alot.

salamat po.

nice post. =]


Dec 20th, 2009

very interesting i love exotic food.. lalo na yong bayawak..at adobong palaka tagal ko ng di nakakain yan.. any place in manila that i can go. i’m planning to come and visit by next march 2010..


Jan 9th, 2010

to who ever looking for restaurant try to look in http://www.munchpunch.com


Jan 11th, 2010

yakeee.. ewww.. kah diri..


Jan 21st, 2010

mananam namam ang tawag sa amin sa panggalatok(pangasinan) lalo na yung aso masarap ipulutan.,


Feb 18th, 2010

Ayos dito! Ok yung aso pag kaldereta, lalo na pag yung utak isama mo as sauce. Oo masarap yun!


Feb 24th, 2010

i didnt that those foods can be eaten!!!!!
do u eat that food also?


Mar 14th, 2010

I love to try the lizzard and snake.


Apr 18th, 2010

gusto kong kumain ng adobong ahas,. o kaya kahit anong luto na ahas,.san kaya ang pinakamalapit na restaurant dito sa pangasinan ang nag oofer ng ganung putahe? nung bata ako may napanood me sa tv..sa pampanga daw,. kaso di ko nman mahanap dito sa internet..


Apr 25th, 2010

mas masarap hilaw na atay ng kambing!!! yumYumYum


May 30th, 2010

.yah, masarap ung pritong palaka..,
sa mga nandidiri dyan wag kayong ganyan di lang naman sa Pilipinas may exotic food ehh.., pero kawawa ung cat at dog..


Aug 23rd, 2010

nakakadiri talaga yak…………………


Dec 1st, 2010

mas masarap pa dyan ung ginataang kuko ng baka

oompa loomps

Dec 19th, 2010

heyyy i’m oompa_loompa69_hotmomma_callme@yahoo.com.ph I would love to cook for you! i love corals!

oompa loomps

Dec 19th, 2010

@rvf: crunchy ba? :)


Jan 15th, 2011

never tried those at all although i’m from Philippines…my mom’s gonna kick my a** if ever i’m gonna try them…she wont even let me talk to my friend who eats dog…sorry…

harold cuaresma

Feb 15th, 2011

yuck…but yummy..ecept the cat and the rat


Apr 12th, 2011

tried 11-13 out of 17. a big NO-NO to pusa at daga.

yung tipaklong, di ko pa natry pero malamang magkasing lasa lang sila nung ibang beatles.

yung tateg ang gusto ko matikman


May 25th, 2011

i can provide 10 pcs live bayawak evryday.. contact henry @ 09184653037


Jun 2nd, 2011



Jun 26th, 2011

good day po. Kuya Nobert maybe you can help me with my thesis about exotic foods. I’m interested with these foods and I want it to be the topic of my thesis. nag sstart plng po kc aq to make a problem about these foods at un po ang title ng thesis ko and also where can I find restaurants that serve exotic foods. thank you po.=))

nobert soloria bermosa

Jun 26th, 2011

hi akire10,try this

Exotik restaurant – it’s located in Longos, Kalayaan Highway in Laguna. It is about 4 hours drive from Manila.


Jul 2nd, 2011

no balot?? for me balot is filipino’s favorite exotic food..


Jul 2nd, 2011

Ay.. sorry po!! Hindi ko po nakita yung second page.. hehe.. kaya nga nagtataka ako bakit hindi 17 lahat.. sorry po!! Sorry po talaga… ^^


Aug 1st, 2011

ansarap kaya ng mga yan maaarte lang sila mayaman dw eeeeeeeee

black label

Aug 7th, 2011

yay an sarap naman ng mga iyan………..mmmmmmmmmm………..nakakatakam…. sana nga matikman ko ang lahat ng mga iyan……

isabelita vidad lucas

Sep 2nd, 2011

where can i get the meat ingredients of these exotic food? is it already dressed?


Sep 29th, 2011

hmp..masarap ang adobong ahas, sisig na balat ng aso, adobong daga, adobong paniki, inihaw na palaka, calderetang bayawak, pusa diko pa ntikman, pero gusto ko mtikman lahat ng exotic food, wag lang maging cannibal :p


Oct 14th, 2011

ang dami ng comments..

one thing.
wala namang nagsabing kumain kayo eh.

sinasabi lang na may mga ganitong pagkain.tsaka nakakadiri??..kaya ng exotic di ba?

emil cabulao

Nov 21st, 2011

kahit nkkdiri……
yan ang pnkamasarap sa lahat,,,,,

tikman nyo ala nman mwwala sa inyo eh


Mar 6th, 2012

sarap tlaga nang bayawak kaka kain ko lang ngayon dito sa africa,may pinatay kc ang secutrity dito na bayawak at binili namin nang 1000 shillings. sarap tlaga hhhmmmm.. pero ang mga itim takot sa bayawak kahit patay na tumatakbo parin palayo hehehe..
sa hindi pa naka tikim dyan tikman nyo na bago pa ma ubos ang mga exotic food.

mae esperancilla

Apr 9th, 2012

Good day, I’m mae from tv5. i would like to ask if you can recommend any famous kambingan restaurant here in Manila. I needed it for our new travel food show. A restaurant that offers unique kambing dishes aside from the common-adobo,kaldereta and papaitan.

thank you very much. you can contact me at 0927-251-5550.

Paul Ian Ceazar pesimo

Apr 22nd, 2012

nice post. i already tasted some of that its but really interest me is the fried beetle. i play with those beetle when i was a child but i didnt think that it can be eaten. wew. i wonder whats the taste.. :)


May 9th, 2012

mmmmm…. its all good to me
taste like beef and chicken


May 9th, 2012

mmmmm…. its all good to me
taste like beef and chicken


Jun 2nd, 2012

Saying even cats are eaten in the Philippines is a generalization, how many percent is the truth to that? 1? or 2?

jennifer sumono

Aug 29th, 2012

“attention exotic food restaurant owners and managers”, baka gusto nyo po mag-order ng superworms…malinis dahil naka-farm po ito, ang pagkain po nila ay gulay na cabbage kaya sure po na malinis talaga..@ 25cent/pc..for some inquiries:pls call/text:0946-5648302/02-3884630..


Sep 3rd, 2012



Sep 30th, 2012

sa lahat ng natikman ko na exotic food pinaka gusto ko ung kalderetang muzang, malamig sya sa bibig at malinamnam ang lasa nya.


Nov 6th, 2012

so very hard to eat that exotic dishes


Feb 7th, 2013

Is there any exotic restaurant here in Manila? I want to try eating king cobra.

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