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Turkish cuisine : Delicious deligts from Turkey, Lokum, baklava and kadayif

by Radamel on 11/03/08 at 7:20 am

The stories of lokum, baklava, and kadayif.

Have you ever tasted delicious Turkish delights. I don’t think so because most of the you here lives outside Turkey. I claim that most of you are not aware of those delights. I have tasted many tasty delights of other countries since I am interested in other nation’s cuisine. However, they are not as delicious as Turkish ones. Those delights in the following list are my favorite ones.


Lokum is called as “Turkish delight” in other European countries. It is mainly made from sugar and starch. However, in some lokum kinds, it is flavored with lemon, rosewater, cinnamon and mint. Lokums are generally white, yellow and pink. I prefer to taste the pink one because it is mixed with rosewater.Lokums with rosewater smell like roses.Because of it’s ingredients,lokum is soft and sticky.


Baklava is a heritage from Ottoman Empire cuisine to Turkish cuisine.In Ottoman Empire,Baklava was made in big palaces of the Empire.It was made especially in Topkapi Palace in Istanbul where the sultans of Ottoman Empire stayed.So,Baklava is not only delicious but also a historical significance.The main ingredients of Baklava is walnut and pistachio.After being cooked,it is sweetened with it’s syrup.


The main ingredients of Kadayif are sugar,butter,hazelnut,water and lemon.Kadayif is first cooked and then mixed with it’s syrup.After being prepared,it is served cool.Kadayif is the main delight of Ramadan and Muslim’s bairams.In patisseries,kadayif is served with ice-cream.


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Jake marcob

Mar 11th, 2008

looks very delicious


Mar 11th, 2008

We have baklava here, in the bakery..They are quite delicious..

Lucy Lockett

Mar 12th, 2008

Thanks for enlightening me! They look yummy.


Mar 14th, 2008

I think I just gained five pounds in my hips and thighs just looking at the pictures!


Mar 15th, 2008

baklava is just a mediterannean pastry originated from greece from what i know.


Mar 31st, 2008

Those all look really good!!!

Ess Amon

Apr 12th, 2008

thanks for your sweety baklava ,in arabic ( baklawa )

Pati Gulat

May 2nd, 2008

YUMMY ! I have eaten all of them and love them all !

R J Evans

Aug 14th, 2008



Oct 13th, 2008

Yay! These delights are so yummy!
My folks came from Morocco and we have variations
of these as well (even the names are pretty much similar)


Oct 13th, 2008

Yummy! Looks so good!


Feb 8th, 2009

Delicious turkish dish.

john p

May 27th, 2009

Wow, that looks absolutely delicious! Great post, you did such a nice job presenting the pictures too…I am definitely going to have to try that recipe this weekend! Thanks :)


Jun 1st, 2009

Looks great to me since I have a sweet tooth. Being in the states not likely that I will get these.

Katie Marie

Jun 1st, 2009

I love baklava and it sounds like would like the kadayif just as much. I have a friend who makes baklava from scratch and gives it out as gifts.


Jun 1st, 2009

All of these look so yummy!


Jun 1st, 2009

Great stuff for coffee break for sure. Known by our generation of course: “The Overland Magic Bus Travelers of the Eighties….from Amsterdam via Istanbul to Teheran ,Zahedan,Lahore & New Delhi.Ever been in the “Pudding Shop” in Istanbul?
That place still exists! Next time we meet in Turkey again!

Joshua Miguel

Jun 2nd, 2009

im gettin hungry.


Jul 9th, 2009

Looking like a great way to fall off the diet!


Jul 11th, 2009

I had Baklava before and I enjoyed it. I would love to try the others on your list.


Sep 24th, 2010

The origins of these dishes are primarily Persian (I am half Greek). The Turks were nomadic people with very little indigenous cuisine.

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