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2Nd Oldest River in The World

by Donetta Sifford on 24/04/13 at 11:35 am

Over the years while I have enjoyed swimming and sunbathing on a river in my small town in Southwest Virginia, I noticed more people coming from out of state to fish. This led me to learn more about the New River. I was amazed at what I learned.

     Growing up swimming and lounging by the river that runs through our small town,  I never really wondered much about it.  I knew my hometown in Southwest Virginia had some interesting history of coal mines and ferrys, filled with more buildings and things I only see in old photos.

     Over the past 10 years,  I noticed each year the river pull of spots were full of vehicles with out-of-state license plates.  People were coming from out of town to camp and fish at our little river, the New River.  So, I began to research the river it’s self and other wonders of the area I live in called ‘The New River Valley’.  

     I was surprised to learn that the New River is not so new  after all.  In fact, the New River is the 2nd oldest river in the world.  This ancient river system is the oldest on the North American continent and comes in 2nd oldest only to the Nile river in Africa as oldest in the world.  It begins in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina as two streams before merging 4 miles from the Virginia line into the New River.  

     Then lies another curious thing about this ancient river;  it flows northward instead of southward like all the other major rivers along the eastern seaboard.  The New River flows approximately 160 miles, traveling through the counties of Grayson, Carroll, Pulaski, Montgomery, and Giles in Virginia before it turns into Bluestone Lake in West Virginia.  Later it emerges into the Kanawha River at the Gauley Bridge.  Finally ending it’s amazing travel when it empties into the great Mississippi River. 

     This interesting fact about the New River answered my question as to why many come from out of state to fish.  Simply put, the New river rivals the James and Rappahannock as one of the best fishing rivers in the state of Virginia.  

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