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87 Year Old Grandma Busted for Dealing Crack

by Jamie Myles on 01/11/10 at 3:25 pm

Supplementing her Social Security income by dealing Crack Cocaine.

Photo:  Escambia County Sheriff via RightPundits.com

Ola Mae Agee age 87 is no stranger to jail. she has been arrested before. 

According to Florida’s Assistant State Attorney Greg Marcille, “She also had extensive other prior criminal history for other offenses that went back a couple of years. Based on the fact that she had continued to sell drugs over this period of time, we believe the prison sentence was appropriate in this case.” In 1996 she pleaded no contest to a December 1996 possession of drugs with the intent to sell, deliver, or manufacture. Agee got two years probation. She was also arrested in 1999 for two more charges of the same exact thing. One of the charges was dropped and she was convicted of the other charge.

The elderly woman was caught on video selling crack to an undercover Escambia County Sheriff’s deputy in her home last May when she she sold a $20.00 “rock” to the deputy who came to home during a sting.

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 The 87 year old Pensecola Florida woman was sentenced to 18 months in jail. She will be almost 90 before she is due for release. This senior citizen is believed to be the oldest drug dealer ever arrested in Florida.

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Nov 1st, 2010

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Nov 1st, 2010

I wonder who her supplier is.

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Nov 1st, 2010

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Nov 1st, 2010

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Nov 2nd, 2010

hard to believe.

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Nov 5th, 2010

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Nov 5th, 2010

I’m not surprised, People do desperate things during crunch time.


Dec 12th, 2010

dame it!!!!!!! now am not gonna get paid!!!!!!! i told her not to sell to people she dont know money hungry dumb ass!!!!!!!!

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