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Arizona’s Best Waterfalls and Creeks

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Arizona’s forest and canyons harbor a surprising amount of waterfalls. Most of them are seasonal caused by the spring snow melt, however a few of them are fed by perennial rivers and streams and put on amazing waterworks year-round.

Grand Falls

Havasu Indian Reservation has five perennial cascades known as the Havasu Falls. They are the crown jewels of Arizona waterfalls. They are all situated within a six mile stretch on the Havasupai Indian reservation near the Grand Canyon National Park. The series of falls gush into the turquoise water of the Havasu Creek. You must travel on foot or by mule beginning at Haulapai Hilltop trail head in order to get to the village.Walk north along the trail to visit all 5 falls.

The elevation is 3.030 to 5,200 feet. It is 350 miles from Phoenix for a 5 hour and 55 minute trip. Reservations and permits are needed. Call 928-448-2141 for information.

To get there from Flagstaff, go west on I-40 to exit 123 in Seligman. Then follow old route 66 northwest for 33 miles to Indian Route 18. Follow Indian Route 18 for 63 miles to trail head at Haulapai Hilltop.


Supai Falls is a 50 foot fall tucked behind a robust of cottonwood and willow trees by the Supai Village. Hike north from the Supai Village for less than a mile to a bend where the canyon narrows. Then walk towards the sound of rushing water. It is 0.75 miles from the Supai Village.

Supai Falls

Havasu Falls is a very popular stop along “Waterfall Row” with its series of terraced pools near the campground. The 100 foot water fall tumbles into a crystal clear grotto. It resembles a Hawaiian rain forest. It is 2 miles from the Supai Village.

Havasu Falls

Mooney Falls is the big one. The fall plunges almost 200 feet in a single spout over the canyon walls. At the base of the cliffs small waterfalls spill into pools with rich green ferns and mosses. It is located about 3 miles from the Supai Village.

Mooney Falls

Beaver Falls is a series of 40 foot high falls and staircases of rapids rushing towards the Colorado River. It borders the Grand Canyon National Park. It is 6 miles from the Supai Village.

Beaver Falls

Ribbon Falls leads to a gushing spring from the 100 foot fall. It is located at the beginning of the North Kaibab Trail on the Grand Canyons North Rim.

Ribbon Falls

Navajo Falls drops 75 feet over cliffs layered in lacey travetine deposits. It is located one and half miles from the Supai Village.

Navajo Falls

Gordon Creek Falls is just minutes from downtown Payson among the ponderosa pines. It spills over a 25 foot escarpment into a swimming pool. The elevation is 6,200 feet. Peak season is March through October. It is 125  miles northeast of Phoenix for a 2 hour and 5 minute drive.

To get there from Phoenix, go north on Highway 87 to intersection Highway 260 in Payson. Go right or east on Highway 260 for about 25 miles to Colcord Road. Take a right and go southeast for 1.3 miles and you can park in a turnout by the green gate. Hike down the road a few yards to a road that is blocked with a road closed sign. Scoot under the fence and hike down the dirt road. Pas through the gate and go to the left at the crossroad.  At the 2nd fork go right. Then take a left at the 2nd junction and onto the creek. Then take a right and follow the creek to the falls.

For additional information call the Tonto National Forest at: 928-474-7900.

Gordon Creek/Falls

Water Wheel in Payson, Arizona is an easy quarter mile walk along the East Verde River to a 40 foot tiered waterfall. The fall empties into a sparkling clear plunge pool. The elevation is 5,200 feet. Peak season is in April. From Phoenix it is 100 miles northeast for a one hour and 40 minute drive.

To get there from Phoenix, go north on Highway 87 to milepost 254 and then turn right onto Houston Mesa Road. Go 8 miles and park at the Water Wheel campground.

For additional information call the Tonto National Forest at: 928-474-7900.

Water Wheel

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