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Top Things to Do in Arizona During Christmas

by mandy2345 on 29/07/10 at 2:00 pm

If you are looking for fun and festive things to add to your holiday list of things to see and do, you have come to the right place.

Arizona is known for having some of the best Christmas festivals, parades, tree lighting ceremonies, holiday concerts and live performances in the U.S.

Grab a pencil and piece of paper, turn on your printer or open a spreadsheet as you are sure to find many festive events to add to your list.

And an added bonus…. pictures with each listing!

“Tempe Festival of the Arts” is held in the city of Tempe on Mill Avenue. This much anticipated annual event features numerous local artists, famous music groups and bands performing on three center stages, and tons of shopping opportunity with well over 500 exhibit booths filled with unique pieces of art.

Horse drawn carriages take visitor’s from the parking area to the heart of the event. There is plenty for the kids to do with real piles of snow, arcade games, kids booths, food vendors and much more. The festival takes place the first weekend in December. Admission into the event is free of charge. Call: 480-921-2300 for further information.

“Electric Light Parade” is one of the valleys largest and takes place on the first Saturday in December at 7p.m. The parade features an amazing display of decorated and lighted floats, huge helium filled balloons and performing music and dance groups.

Admission to the parade is free. The route starts at Central Avenue in Phoenix and runs from Missouri Avenue to Thomas Road. It’s best to arrive early to get a good viewing spot since this parade draws a large crowd. Call: 480-534-FEST for further information.

“Fiesta Bowl Parade” features a large display of huge helium filled balloons, decorated floats, local high school and college bands, equestrian units, local dance group and famous music groups. Many of the elaborate floats take all year to complete. 

The parade takes place on New Years Eve at 11 a.m. Be sure to arrive early to get a good viewing spot since this parade draws people from all four corners of the state. The route runs along Central Avenue in Phoenix from Bethany Home Road to Thomas Road. Admission is free of charge. For further information call: 480-350-0911.

“Desert Botanical Gardens” is located next to the Phoenix Zoo and features thousands of traditional luminaries that line the pathways of the garden as well as drape over hundreds of different plant life.

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Jul 29th, 2010

a very good share


Jul 29th, 2010

Outstanding post–been to all of them and all are beautiful.


Jul 29th, 2010

Hi :)

The zoolights look amazing. I have never been to the states but Arizona is one of the places on my list when i get there.
Great article as always.

And thank you for your kind words on my articles. They mean a lot.


Ranjan Mathews

Jul 29th, 2010

Arizona, Arizona
Its so fun-a, fun-a!

Jenny Heart

Jul 29th, 2010

Amazing indeed!


Jul 29th, 2010

I love to know about things in different countries.

Joie Schmidt

Jul 30th, 2010

How nice – didn’t know there were so many fun things to do in AZ during Christmas-time! *:)’s



-Joie Schmidt.

Anuradha Ramkumar

Jul 30th, 2010

Excellent share.

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