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Beautiful Spots in Michigan

by Lex92 on 29/11/09 at 7:07 pm

Just a few spots in Michigan that will take your breath away, I know they have took mine away many times.

Michigan might be one of the most depressed states in the U.S., but I believe that it is one of the most beautiful.  This is probably a biased statement because I happen to live in Michigan. 

Down Town Detroit

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You can’t deny that the city of Detroit is beautiful, but only in the downtown area.  If you stray far from that area you go into the ghettos and not so nice parts of Detroit pretty fast.  Places like where the Tigers play at Comerica Park, see a play at either the Detroit Opera House or the Fox Theater, see the Detroit Symphony Orchestra live, or just walk by the Detroit River.  The problem is, Detroit does have a bit of a reputation so always walk around in the daylight, don’t go through any alley ways, and use the buddy system.  Also, park your car in a parking garage so it has no chance at being stolen. 

The Great lakes

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One of the great things about Michigan is it is surrounded by lakes.  Take a trip to any town that borders one of the lakes and you can go to a nice beach without the worry of sharks.  Isn’t that great?  Also, in the Upper Peninsula you can take a break from US-2 and take a swim in Lake Michigan, that’s what the locals do!

Mackinac Island

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Take a trip in time to when there was no electricity or cars.  Okay, so there might be electricity, but there certainly aren’t any cars.  Go tour Mackinac Island on bike or by horse.  It’s beautiful to behold, it also makes you feel lucky for a lot of technological advancements.  Plus, their fudge is great!

Frankenmuth, Michigan

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Welcome to a little piece of Germany in Michigan.  You can eat at the Bavarian Inn, they have some of the best chicken.  Also, take your significant other on a horse and carriage ride around the city.  It will take your breath away.  If you do go to Frankenmuth don’t forget to go to Bronners where Christmas is all year long!

Michigan has many more beautiful spots to visit, these are just a few.  Remember, Michigan is not as bad as every claims it to be.

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Sue Nuckles

Nov 29th, 2009

Interesting article

Mr Ghaz

Nov 29th, 2009

Excellent post!..very well presented articles and beautiful pictures. I loved it. well done my friend ..cheers 8) 8)


Nov 29th, 2009

Great place to visit…


Nov 29th, 2009

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Eunice Tan

Nov 29th, 2009

Love it so much. Beautiful city


Nov 30th, 2009

Beautiful spots and images.


Nov 30th, 2009

Michigan is beautiful. I wish I could visit there one day! By then, you’ve to treat me lol..:-)

Moses Ingram

Nov 30th, 2009

This would be a nice place to visit.

Ruby Hawk

Nov 30th, 2009

Alexa, all these places are breathtaking. Loved your article.

R.B. Parsley

Dec 1st, 2009

I’ve heard of Mackinac Island, but I haven’t heard about Frankenmuth. If I ever get to Michigan, I now have two beautiful places to take Mary. Excellent article and fantastic pictures.
Keep up the great work Sweetie. This is the best I’ve read so far.


BC Doan

Dec 1st, 2009

I agree with you, Alexa..There are so many other beautiful spots in Michigan, and the ones you’ve listed here are very popular!


Dec 1st, 2009

great place


Dec 4th, 2009

awesome pics ….great place…


Aug 30th, 2010

WOW!!!! amazing pictures!!!!!!!!


Mar 6th, 2011

Michigan is beautiful. The Upper and lower parts of Michigan have many different beautiful cities throughout. One of my favorites that I go to a few times a year and for me living in the Detroit area it only takes me about 4 to 4.5 hours to drive to is the sleeping bear dunes national lake shore. Great camping, great small lake towns, breweries and wineries, and Traverse City is always nice to visit. During the summer you can catch minor league baseball in Traverse city and that provides a kind of in the woods feel especially at night when you can look up and see the stars over the field, it’s very similar to being at a planetarium.

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