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Beyonce & Jay-z Patented Baby Names “Blue Ivy Carter”

by mr good on 12/02/12 at 6:02 pm

Jay-Z pairs musicians and Beyonce took an important step for their babies had just been born. Both Blue Ivy Carter patented the name.

Beyonce and Jay-Z filed a patent application on behalf of their child’s last on January 26, 2012. Registration is done 19 days after the baby is born.

They both wanted exclusive rights to use the name of their baby Blue Ivy Carter to be used in various ways. According to the website the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the name of a baby who was born January 7th and it will be made into cosmetics brands, record labels, baby products, clothes, toys, video games and film production house.

Step patented the name Blue Ivy Carter was performed Beyonce and Jay-Z after there was a designer who wants the same thing diving. But the designer named Joseph Mbeh was canceled registering the trademark name Blue Ivy Carter NYC.

Mbeh originally wanted to make it as a brand name children’s clothing line. He also has made some examples of products with the tag ‘Blue Ivy Carter NYC. But the cancellation of their registration on January 24 last.

“I’m a businessman. I’m trying to build a good relationship with them (Beyonce and Jay-Z), not willing to control their children,” said the Daily News Mbeh.

Mbeh Besides, there are also other companies that registers baby name Beyonce and Jay-Z as a brand. The company is a CBH By Benton Clothier on January 20, 2012 and want to patent their ‘Glory Blue Ivy Carter IV‘. The name will be used for cosmetic products.

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