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Buddy The Dog Was Brutally Set on Fire by Andrew Delgado

by Jo Oliver on 12/11/12 at 10:34 pm

Andrew Delgado, an 18-year-old California man, was arrested this past Friday for allegedly brutally killing his family’s dog, Buddy, on October 27, 2012.

Buddy was found in a ravine barely clinging to life. He was burned extensively and subsequently died shortly after being found.


According to Daily News, the basset hound was doused with lighter fluid and set on fire by Delgado. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department arrested Delgado, and he confessed to act. Delgado claimed he was under the influence of drugs when he killed the dog.

Naturally, Ventura and surrounding citizens were concerned about how/if this crime would be handled. Delgado had previously been found guilty of vandalism and drug and theft offensives three different times before this incident. Concerning Buddy, Delgado was charged with arson and animal cruelty, with a $35,000 bail. He will make his first court appearance Tuesday.

This petition can be signed; it is demanding Delgado face jail time and gives many sources of contact, news stories, and how you can get involved.


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Ruby Hawk

Nov 12th, 2012

Makes you wonder what possesses a young man to do something so horrible.


Nov 12th, 2012

There is no excuse for that kind of behavior. Many people do drugs every day, yet they do not kill their pets… But a psycho does, it is where it begins. Wonder if he have killed other animals (in his so called drug state). Animal abuse has for to be stopped, it has been out of Hand for years now, meanwhile wild animals are being killed too.. There will not be one animal left, if we keep neglecting what we already know. :(

Muhammad Irfan Zafar

Nov 13th, 2012

Very Sad! WindBlowerTM said it right it appears to be a psycho case and must be dealt in accordance with law.

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jennifer eiffel01

Nov 15th, 2012

I find it disgusting and reprehensible to treat an animal bad. THey cannot protect themselves, THey are helpless animals. Thanks for sharing

Andie Papke

Nov 22nd, 2012

I felt this was horrible. Animals feel pain. Had a rabbit for (5) years & he was very smart. He was potty trained and could be left for (3) days in my room in a large cage, with my Supervisor checking in on him.
When I’d return, Hazel never ate his stuffed animals, he kissed them. He always went potty in the same place & never over ate.
When Hazel passed I’d gotten up at 8am & he’d seemed fine. When I went in my room where he lived. He came out of his favorite box. He looked at me and stood up proud. I could tell something was wrong as he was mouth breathing. I ran to the cage, went inside & he stood up for about (20) seconds. When I’d began to pet him, he laid down & died.
It was unexpected, as the night before he was running & doing his high-fi kicks; however, I was sick w/an eye problem & that night my Husband played w/him on the floor. Rabbits are known not handle stress well. I believe he may have sensed my pain, but either way he taught me a lot. He recognised my smell, & loved to sit at the foot of my feet. When one time I went for a vacation for (2) weeks, my Husband took care of him. When I walked in the door- he went crazy jumping everywhere & attacking my luggage. I wrote a story in his honor: Life in the Madrona Marsh. It is the last wetland in LA county. Thanx for the article!

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