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How to Find Freebies at Disneyland Resorts

by jodijill on 15/03/09 at 3:26 am

Going on vacation to the Disneyland Resort in 2009? Need to save some cash and still want to take home some great memories? Here’s where, at Disneyland, you can pick up some free items – Just for the asking.

If you are going to Disneyland in 2009, don’t be surprised at the increased rates of daily admission. In the 2009 season, Disneyland cost $69 a day to actual play for the day. Topple that with food, gifts and other essentials and you are looking at hundreds of dollars per person. However, if you know where to go, you can actually same some cash by getting freebies around the Disneyland Resort. Here’s where:

Get a Free Photograph at Disneyland

If you go to the Buzz Light Year Attraction, you will find that you can get a free picture of you playing the game. Keep your toy gun low as you shoot and toward the end of the ride, your picture will be taken. This picture is displayed on the images found at the computers at the end of the ride. Just email it to yourself and when you get home a picture will be waiting for you. These are quite cute too!

Get a Free Disneyland Button

See all those Disneyland Resort Cast members Cleaning the streets? They are the ones with white outfits and blood red aprons swinging their brooms and hiding a free button. If you ask any of them, they have buttons to give to your kids, for free, and there are 5 different varieties to choose from. You can also get the buttons at the guest relations desk right inside the park

Get a Free Drivers License at Autopia

If you are thinking the kids need a license, consider a freebie at this major attraction. This is a great little card to take home and every couple of thousand the Disneyland Resort gives a child a free gift from the shop. While I have never had it happen personally, I have seen the cards and the kids who were quite excited.

Get a Free Gift Certificate on Your Birthday

If you are looking for an expensive birthday gift, consider the Disneyland Resort to visit. This year you can get a free pass to play at Disneyland or if you have a pass a $69 gift certificate to buy some fun birthday gifts!

Get a Free Call From Mickey Mouse or Minnie

Looking to see the superstars in the park? Of course you will, but before you do, how about a call from them? If you enter ANY store at Disneyland, you can ask a cast member to give your child a call from a Disneyland Character. They call them for your child and yous can see your child’s smile listening to them talk!

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May 26th, 2012

thanks,what are all the badges you can get?

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