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How You Can Go to Disneyland for Free

by B.Ware on 17/08/08 at 6:50 am

Tells you multiple ways to get into Disneyland for free.

You read that correctly you can go to Disneyland absolutely free! In fact there are many ways to get in free and one way that everyone can use to get into Disneyland free. Many other options also exist that are not to just anyone to use. We will start with the ways that are not available to everyone then will cover the secret that anyone may use to get in free.

While this might not be a surprise Disneyland employees can get friends and family into the park free. At times limitations may be made to this rule, like how many people n employee can get in. Another issue is that some employees get more people in then others, the higher up the corporate ladder they are more people they can get in. As you would expect the C.E.O. and other VPs get the best treatment for friends and family but the regular worker can get VIP treatment for their friends too. If you know someone who works for Disney Imagineering you will be in for a real treat if they bring you to the park since their knowledge of the rides is the best and they can take you behind the scenes of the rides and other areas the public isn’t allowed in. If you only know a part time employee of Disneyland they are can still get perks besides the free admission, all employees can get cut in the front of the line passes (like a fastpass but better) which send you straight on the ride without waiting.

Another way that you can go to Disneyland free is if you go to Club 33.The only way to get to go to Disneyland’s club 33 is if you know someone who is a member but unless you happen to be friend with the California governor or Michael Jackson you probably don’t. The good news is there are corporate memberships and it is possible your company especially if it is local and a large corporation might be a member. If your company has a corporate membership you can go. While Club 33 gives you a free ticket to Disneyland you have to eat at Club 33. The cheapest meal they have is a brunch that cost $50. The meal cost about the same as getting in but you do get a great eating experience and can say you have been to the exclusive Club 33.

Finally here is the secret you really want to learn, how to get into Disneyland free. To get into Disneyland you go to the customer service next to the entrance of California Adventures. At customer service say you want to buy some souvenirs. They take either cash in the amount of a ticket, or they will slide your credit card. Then you are allowed one hour in the park. This may not be much time but it’s free and you could get on a ride or two. If you return in an hour you will get a refund your money. Some rules apply and the rules can change. There are some times that you can’t enter Disneyland, currently they are Monday through Friday opening to 5PM times may change.

It may be only an hour but it is a free hour.


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