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Downtown Mchenry, Il

by ladym33 on 23/09/12 at 3:15 pm

Photo essay of Downtown McHenry, IL.

McHenry, IL is a far Northwest suburb of Chicago, the furthest most northern part of the town is only about 15 minutes from the Wisconsin border.  The downtown area of McHenry is an area that has seemed to stay the same over time.  The stores are while not being rundown look the same as they did 30 or 40 years ago, there is an old movie theater there that is the same as it was many years ago with that old fashioned charm, prices have also stayed quite a bit lower than other area theaters. 

McHenry has a population of just under 30,000 people.

The downtown area also has a beautiful river walk that you can walk along,

McHenry is the host of the Harvest Fest which takes place on September 30th from Noon to 5:00 PM.  For more information on the Harvest festival as well as other McHenry festivals you can go here:  http://visitmchenrycounty.com/

The downtown area is located on Green St. in McHenry, IL just off of Bull Valley Road off of Rt 31.  You can also get there from Rt. 120.

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Sep 23rd, 2012

Nice to know that the place has remained the same despite the passing of years.


Sep 26th, 2012

Very nice photo essay.

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