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Ghost Haunted Places and Houses in California

by FaceOff on 18/05/10 at 11:12 am

Ghost city California City does not appear on the way to chess Los Angeles in the near future.

A man named Nat Mendelssohn. He was California Province of the United States in the sixth decade of the twentieth century. In 1958 he bought three hundred square kilometers land in the Mojave Desert. His dream was to create a city that would be equal Los Angeles. The city was named California City. On first inspection might think the dream has come true. The map shows where roads and streets form the complex patterns in large areas of desert. There is no more likely than belabor with magnificent rural suburbs – in the spirit of American dream – rise from the desert and oasis in the desert.

When more is Gad reveals that there is something magnificent bent the city California City: There are no houses in the streets. Streets are bare and alone on the sand like the unfortunate skeleton of the same animal that got lost in a desert. Looking at satellite reminder of the region facing the surprising humidity streets and generate less the fault of the other most mysterious Nance Peru humidity which also reminds Subliminal Advertising in Walt Disney.

He laid the way for tens of thousands of people disappear and thought he could sell them immediately in the real estate bubble that was then. California workers refused to move the Mojave Desert where we sat. The city is actually not completely empty. In her live about 15 thousand people. Many towns operate in the huge prison in the region and others in the U.S. Air Force Base. But California City does not appear on the way to chess Los Angeles in the near future.

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