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GTA San Andreas: Cop Wheels : Walkthrough

by Imfinity on 25/09/11 at 3:48 pm


CJ explains how the heist is going to be done. The plan is to get as much heat on CJ as possible while the others get away with the green. Zero talks about an armored van which casino’s normally use to transport their cash, and that’s what we’ll need. The armored vans are also acommpanied by police bikes – outriders. CJ takes one of Woozie’s men, to get the bikes.

There are 4 green blips on the radar, each representing a police bike that you can steal. The Triad is driving a packer on the Julius Thruway. You have 12 minutes to steal the 4 police bikes and get them safely onto the back of the packer. Some of the cops will try to get on their bikes as you approach them, so make sure you’re armed and shoot them before they get away. Get onto the freeway and catch up with the packer. Begin to slow down as you approach it, and drive gently up the ramp to attach it to the packder. When the cutscene begins, the bike is secured onto the packer and Carl is given the thumbs up. Repeat this for all 4 police bikes to complete the mission.

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