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The Best Karaoke Bars in Louisville, KY

by Michelle Hill on 15/05/08 at 6:01 am

If you are looking for a place to sing karaoke while in Louisville, Kentucky this article will help lead you to the most popular spots.

Karaoke singers throughout the Kentuckian area are constantly looking for the next bar to go to for that contest or great sounding system. For those that have never sang karaoke before, you want your first time to be the best, right? There are many bars to choose from in Louisville that offer karaoke, but how many have you been to? I have personally been to each and every one over the past year and will share with you the ups and downs of several today.
There are a few bars I want to mention that have karaoke 7 nights a week. These include:

  • Joker’s on St. Andrews Church Road
  • Jerry Green and Friends
  • Akiko’s on Bardstown Road

Now for the nit picking bars that only offer karaoke on a nightly basis. There are many that have no cover charge to enter which include:

  • Dutch’s tavern on Tuesdays
  • Zazzoo’s Bar And Grill every Wednesday
  • Highland’s Taproom every Monday and Friday
  • Toot’s on Friday and Saturdays with Chris
  • Shooter’s on the Greenbelt with Cyndi Terry on Friday and Saturday
  • Bugsy’s on Friday nights
  • New Moon on Rockford Lane with Mike on Friday and Saturdays

And for those of us who excel enough to seek out the Contests, there are many bars that offer them. Unfortunately there are no set days of the week that any of these places keep on a weekly or monthly basis. To find out if your favorite bar offers a karaoke contest, you can call them directly for more detailed information. Some of the best bars in my opinion, to go to for karaoke are Shooter’s with Cyndi and New Moon with Mike. Cyndi has the second largest song selection in the Kentucky/Indiana area, with Mike’s being the first. Both karaoke hosts have an awesome sounding system, and are very professional. If you can’t sing, they sure can make you sound like you can. Check them out on their prospective days to see for yourself.

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louisville karaoke

Jul 17th, 2008

another great site for louisville karaoke is http://www.louisville-karaoke.com


Nov 5th, 2008

Mike is no longer at Half Moon. I think he went to the Brown Bag in Germantown.

Showtime Karaoke

Dec 23rd, 2008

Showtime Karaoke (formerly the hosts at Wick’s Pizza, Dixie)
is looking for new gigs in Louisville!
We have a great show. pro sound & lighting.
call (502)545-6716 ask for Mark.


Jan 12th, 2009

Well I’ll throw a vote in for Karaoke at Jokers. I run it Tues, weds and thursdays and we have a great time there.

Michelle Hill

Feb 2nd, 2009

Always looking for karaoke contests if you know of any?


Apr 11th, 2010

Jokers is completely closed down now.


Oct 12th, 2010

Check out Estes Brothers Karaoke Party at Mack’s on Terry Rd. Saturday nights from 9 – 1. Also available for special occasions, booking available at:


Danny Estes

Jun 28th, 2011

Estes Brothers Karaoke is now currently at B.J.’s on Greenbelt on Fridays from 9:30pm-3:30am. Check our website (home.insightbb.com/~coachdan32/estesbrotherskaraoke) for dates.


Oct 28th, 2011

Gaslite Tavern in J-Town has Karaoke on Thur and Fri nights

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