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Beautiful Maine Waterfalls

by Joe Dorish on 10/07/09 at 5:01 pm

Maine is a state well-known for its scenery and the waterfalls located in the state are absolutely beautiful.

Presented here are some of the most beautiful waterfalls located in the scenic state of Maine.


Years ago I worked with a young woman who wanted to live in Maine. Having traveled to the state many times I asked her where in Maine she wanted to live. She told me she did not know as she had never been to the state but that it always looked so idyllic on TV and in pictures. I just laughed and told her it was indeed a beautiful scenic state but that she better not mind the cold. Probably a lot people feel about Maine the way my co-worker did and hopefully these waterfalls in Maine will only add to that feeling.

Screw Auger Falls


Screw Auger Falls is a very scenic waterfall located along Bear River in western Maine right along Route 26 as it travels through the very southern part of Grafton Notch State Park. The falls here have carved out a pretty gorge as they fall a total of some 45 feet over multiple tiers.

Billings Falls


Billings Falls is located along the West Branch of the Pleasant River in the Gulf Hagas Gorge which is sometimes called the “Grand Canyon of Maine”.  At 18 feet in height Billings Falls is not that tall but it but is one of the prettiest waterfalls in Maine. To reach Billings Falls take Route 11 north from Brownville Junction and then follow the signs for Katadhin Iron Works where Gulf Hagas is located and then take the 8 mile loop trail which passes Billings Falls as well as

Moxie Falls


Moxie Falls is one of the tallest, prettiest and most powerful waterfalls in Maine as it tumbles roughly 90 feet along Moxie Stream up in Somerset County. The falls can be reached by taking Route 201 to The Forks. At The Forks take Moxie Falls Road for roughly 2 miles to the parking lot for the trail-head leading to Moxie Falls.

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Smith Amoureuse

Jul 16th, 2009

Wonderful ! The beauty of mother nature. Fantastic pictures.
id like to visit those places. One of my favorite sports is rafting. Some of those waterfalls are simply the best for rafting .

Travel chacha

Jul 18th, 2009

Great information about water falls nice images. It will be great to visit these places


Jul 27th, 2009

Where are the best waterfalls to take phots at?

Ruby Hawk

Aug 12th, 2009

Amazing as always. I love waterfalls.

Anne McNew

Aug 13th, 2009

these are indeed beautiful


Aug 21st, 2009

it looks beautiful….

Lizzy Jean Allen

Mar 13th, 2010

Maine is one of the states I’ve never been to. It’s on my list. I may make it this year.

Diane Michaud

Jun 25th, 2010

Was so happy to find this site. I do enjoy waterfalls. I visit the Fish River water falls, its mabe an hours drive from me> It is a good place for Photo\’s There are a few area\’s where a person can climb down and get different photo shots.

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