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Tulip Time Festival in Michigan

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Michigan hosts the Tulip Time Festival every year, starting in the beginning of May and lasting for a week. Prior to the beginning of the festival, events start at the end of April leading up to the festival week. The Tulip Time Festival is a celebration of Michigan’s Dutch heritage and has been an 80-year tradition. The festival is not just about tulips, but also includes food, music, dancing and activities that all ages can enjoy.


Concert lighting

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The concert portion of the Tulip Time Festival includes different bands each year performing during one of the nights of the festival, near the end of the week long celebration. Performances take place in a small, intimate setting, such as at a church concert auditorium. Tickets are available for purchase for the shows and there are group discounts as well. Ticket prices do vary and can be purchased in advance by phone or online.


Fireworks display

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The events at the Tulip Time Festival are part of the week-long event for all to enjoy. A fireworks display kicks off the event with live music included. Tours are provided as well. Vendors are present for shopping and souvenirs. A quilt show, a Dutch marketplace and arts and crafts fair are also hosted. Children activities are available, including a carnival, petting zoo, arts and crafts, dancing, music, inflatables to play on and plenty of food. Locations of the events vary throughout the city.

Meal Shows

Meal shows are available daily and include live bands, dancing, pageantry shows and, of course, food. All entertainment takes place while dining and the hours available do vary, as do the locations. Tickets can be purchased individually or for groups; there is also a group discount. Tickets can be purchased online or by phone in advance.

Music & Variety


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The music and variety shows run throughout the week long event. Show time, dates and prices vary each day, but there is something always available to see. Music includes jazz bands, orchestras, swing, Broadway numbers, popular current music and big band groups, as well as musical reviews and barbershop quartets. The variety portion includes performances about the Dutch heritage and theater acts on a variety of topics. Locations and ticket prices vary per show.


Band parade

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Parades run through the middle of the Tulip Time Festival and provide a range of entertainment. Parades include an 80-year tradition of the white glove cleanliness inspection done by the Mayor and City Council and the Street Scrubbing that includes children and residents in traditional Dutch costume cleaning the parade routes. Music, floats and bands precede afterward. Other parades during the festival are big band performances, a children parade and large helium balloons, horses, Dutch dancers and more floats. Street and bleacher tickets are available by phone or online.

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