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10 Haunted Houses in Minnesota

by Holly Jayne on 04/11/08 at 4:36 am

If you live or ever visit Minnesota and want a good scare you should definitely check out these places as they are sure to send shivers down your spine as you experience paranormal activities.

# 1 First Ave. Club

Located in Minneapolis, this place becomes quite haunted as soon as dark arrives. Where this club sites, once used to be the site of a Greyhound bus station. There have been many homeless people who have died there and some still linger to haunt the place. In the woman’s bathroom, a girl hung herself. When one enters stall five after dark, her ghost will appear. If that’s not all, there have been reports during concerts/performances at the club, equipment have been thrown off the stage.

#2 Saint Mary’s College: Heffron Hall

In Winona, MN, two priests had feuded over who would be the head of the church and one man killed the other in this hall. Here people will hear moaning in this hall from the deceased priest. People will also experience part of the hall being cold while the other is hot when the air or heat is on in the building. A girl once claimed that while she was brushing her teeth, blood came out of the faucet.

#3 Haunted Skating Rink

This skating rink, located in St. Cloud was built in the 1970s on a swamp. A number of locals begged for this skating rink not to be built for it held sentimental value. The builder ignored them and decided to build it. As the story goes, a young boy named Gilbert ventured too close to the swamp and he was found by his father laying face down in the water… It’s said that Gilbert is responsible for many haunting that take place in the skating rink.

# 4 Glensheen Mansion

Glensheen mansion is located in Duluth Minnesota. Legend says that an elderly woman and her nurse were brutally murdered by the woman’s crazy lover. They now haunt the house. Black, eerie shadowy figures walk about the basement, and lights turn off and on.

#5 Braemar Golf Course

Braemar golf course is located in Edina. An apparition named Jim is said to haunt this golf course. He was a black homeless guy who once had lived on this land before it was cleared for the course. It’s said that balls go into the holes and come back out and even when they roll in a straight line they suddenly veer off to the right or left.

#6 Tavern

The tavern is located in Brainerd. Back in the 1800’s two Indians were picking berries one day when some angry white townspeople found them and took them to the center of the town. The people accused them of raping and killing a girl outside the tavern. They were killed for this, but years later a white man had confessed about doing the bad deed. People have heard cries of the Indian people within the bar.

#7 Lake Alimagnet Trails

Found in Apple Valley, this is a place of clown figures that haunt the trails. It seems that he is not harmful, but stares at you as an intent to scare you away from the trails as the sun sets…

#8 University of Minnesota – Washington Avenue Bridge

Located in Minneapolis, this bridge connects the east and west bank of the campus. There have been a number of suicides off the bridge into the Mississippi River, most by students. Late at night while walking across this bridge you can hear footsteps following you. If you turn around, they will stop, but continue when you begin to move… there have also been several flags on the bridge that have been ripped down by an unseen force while under surveillance so they had to be removed.

#9 Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

Found in Chanhassen, this was built over a house that burned down with a woman still inside. She haunts the theatre. There is also another ghost of an actor who was killed bicycling home from work one night. Both are said to haunt the place and can be seen back stage.

#10 Spirit Mountain

Spirit Mountain can be found in Duluth. One day a person died on the ski hill and now they haunt it. There is music that plays over the speakers and it sounds like the shed hisses at you when you pass it. Also you can see someone standing in the shed.

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R J Grant

Nov 4th, 2008

Minnesota of all places…. Maybe it’s the long winters i.e., The Fargo’s that causes all the mayhem?


Holly Jayne

Nov 4th, 2008

Very funny isn’t it?! LOL. Yeah, MN has many haunted places and I know that I definitely have to check some of them out when winter comes when I don’t have other things to do… Thanks for your comment!!

Peter Cimino

Nov 4th, 2008

I LOVE THIS STUFF!! Awesome article Holly!

Glynis Smy

Nov 5th, 2008

MMm just crossing that off of my places to visit before I die! LOL good work!

Holly Jayne

Nov 5th, 2008

Thanks for your comments! I’m glad that you all enjoyed this article. All this kind of paranormal activity is soo interesting.

Happy hauntings!

Steve M.

Nov 5th, 2008

ooo…spooky! I definitely have to check out a couple of these places. Can’t get enough of this kind of stuff! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Holly Jayne

Nov 5th, 2008

It’s nice to see others enjoying something that I find fascinating. If you do check these places out, definitely let me know what you thought! I’d like to know. I’ve been to most of these places being that I live in Minnesota…


Dec 17th, 2008

I’ve been to a couple of these places… It was a very interesting experence and I would definitely visit a couple of them again because of the paranormal activity I had witnessed. Thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed it!!!!

Holly Jayne

Jan 3rd, 2009

oooo… glad to hear of your experiences! It’s great to hear that you’ll be visiting a couple of the places again because it was an interesting experience… that encourages me to actually get out and see it for myself :-)


Jan 24th, 2009

I went to the u of mn and have been around there for 7 years and been over the bridge hundreds of times at night…. the footsteps are yours echoing… and the wind gets ridiculously fast on it sometimes.

Holly Jayne

Jan 24th, 2009

Thanks for your resonse to my artice! I could see how think the footsteps are just yours echoing… that building is very echoy, and so you may be right…. It is odd how the wind get very fast on it. I’ve been on a lot of other bridges and never had that same experience.

Tiffany Toivola

Mar 24th, 2009

The article on Glensheen Manor had an inacuracy. I believe that the two people were killed by her adopted daughters husband.

Holly Jayne

Mar 24th, 2009

Thanks for letting me know Tiffany. I’ve heard it both ways and I don’t think anyone is really sure who killed them… either her husband or her adopted daughters husband… I’ll definitely look into this more and correct it based on what I find.


May 29th, 2009

I’ve been to Alimagnet a bunch being that I am born and raised in Apple Valley. I think I have seen the “clown” but I’m not sure being that it was at night. One place that isn’t on here that should be is Bench Warmer Bob’s in Burnsville where an Indian lives in the basement of the restraunt.

holly sendy

May 29th, 2009

Thanks for your comment! I’ll definitely will be checking out that place in Burnsville and do a write up about that as well as some more haunted places I’ve found in MN recently.


Jul 9th, 2009

for the glensheen mansion one it was the womens daughter and her husband who killed her mom and the servant. my friends aunt was spse to be the nurse that night but got sick or something like that and called in… also Duluth east high school is haunted you can hear screams in some of the bathrooms and stuff goes missing in the little theater we were up there today and our friends thought they saw one of us so they where like hey where getting out of hear wanna come and when they reached out there hands there was nothing there.. east is supoer creppy and the little theater lights turn on and off after the janitors leave at night sometimes if u drive by you will see it


Aug 10th, 2009

I’ve been on the trails at Lake Alimagnet and a few times I’ve seen a shadowy figure just standing in the middle of the trail.


Sep 29th, 2009

Hell House in Shakopee is also another place that has very strange happenings.
Also the park in Apple Valley next to Andys Market on Galaxie and 140th a boy was killed sledding and haunts the woods and hill there.


Oct 17th, 2009

Get the Glensheen Mansion story straight! The guy who did the murders was the elderly woman’s adopted daughters husband. Not a crazy lover! He also killed himself after the murders. The daughter still lives, she is in prison for other crimes. There also is spots of blood to this day of the nurses blood on the bench on the mid-landing of the stairs. Go take the tour and ask, the staff just won’t tell you.


Oct 28th, 2009

Are there any haunted places in southern minnesota besides Winona that you have heard of?

Holly Jayne

Oct 29th, 2009

I’ll definitely look into it and let you know… I think there are more haunted places in southern MN… Definitely check back by Wednesday or so next week and I’ll have some links on here with some more places!


i live in duluth

Dec 22nd, 2009

Please get the Glensheen Mansion story straight! The one you have listed is misleading! The elderly woman and her nurse were killed by the womans adopted daughter’s husband.


Jan 21st, 2010

you should look into the old courthouse/city hall in downtown minneapolis i don’t know to many details about the ghost itself but it’s the ghost of john moshik the last man put to death in minnesota he was hung in the attic near one of the towers i believe and the stairs up to that area have since been seald off do to remodeling but there has been paranormal activity on the 5th floor there


Jan 30th, 2010

I have been to glenshren mansion but I didn’t see anything weird. I also went in to the room where Elizabeth congdon was murdered and it was very cold in there!!!


Feb 20th, 2010

There are a lot of haunted places in Hastings MN too which wasn\’t on your list,

Holly Jayne

Feb 21st, 2010

I realize that I left many places off the list…. I wanted to keep my articles like this one no soo overwhelming and have about 10 – 15 places on each article….. I’ll be writing more articles that talks about other haunted places in MN as well as other states….

Kaitie Lambert

Jun 7th, 2011

Wow, these r cool!! You should totally look into the haunted places around southern/ western part on Minnesota, you know like maybe around Westbrook Minnesota.

Holly Jayne

Jul 10th, 2011

I’ll definitely have to check it out. Thanks!

joshua s markkula

Sep 28th, 2011

about duluth denfield high school here in duluth mn i have be in the autorium about feeling cool spots even when the heat is on is true and i even felt a person push me when i was cutting class i thought i was trippin balls but my friends felt it too ive also seen dim lights in one area where there was no lights just being in there for ten minutes made me freak out like i was not welcome there

Terri Yeager

Oct 8th, 2011

What about the Androy Hotel in Hibbing, Mn?? It even looks scary while driving towards it on the street!!! Very cold feeling every time I pass by there!!
And No, I would never venture inside there!!!!!

Holly Jayne

Oct 11th, 2011

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions about other places not included in this list. I’ll will make another article soon that will include those places as well as others.

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