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Mitzi’s Revenge – Self Titled Ep. Review

by Steve McManus on 19/09/11 at 9:41 am

Their 2011 EP.

Having such a fusion of heavy elements that can only be described as ‘demon punk’ this Yorkshire 4-piece are set to be a future driving force of British Metal. With what has already become an infamous live show and an equally impressive following to match, it is to no real surprise that this 7-song EP has the potential to spread like wild fire throughout the hard rock community

Opener ‘Outflanked’ immediately airs the confidence of this band, whose average age is only 19, and provides such a pumping chorus of ‘not going down, save my soul’ along with extremely catchy verses it is not lost on the listener that this is a crowd favourite for fist pumping, sing along moments alongside ‘Mind Blowing Queen.’

Vocalist Rich Goss, 22, brings a vocal element so unheard and unique that it is impossible not to be drawn into his own style of seemingly higher pitched growling. Place Oli Sykes with Robb Flynn and you can only begin to imagine the incredible sounds that this frontman can produce. Possibly his most impressive track on the EP is ‘Make Or Break’, a song that really does present the feeling of the great things still to come from one of the biggest bands currently on the North Yorkshire music scene.

Skip to track 4 for some old school, Zakk Wylde-esque riffs on ‘Tin Can Electric’ from guitarist Ryan Duggleby, 17. However fans of killer, hardcore breakdowns checkout ‘Glass Heart’ and ‘Simple Rules Of Lust’ which features RSJ front man Dan Cook. The only track that lets this effort down is track 5 ‘Red’. On its own merit, it is a good track however, with the calibre and style of the other featured tracks it feels like a misplaced object that doesn’t fit in with it surroundings.

A band not to be underestimated however advice should be given to not have these lads as a support act to your band due to their tendency to play such a chaotic, energetic and killer set, that their successors on stage will struggle to match. Mitzi’s are coming for you! And whether you let them or not, they will get you!

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