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Waterfalls in New Jersey Wetumpka Falls

by Joe Dorish on 21/11/09 at 4:39 pm

Wetumpka Falls is a pretty waterfall in New Jersey.

Wetumpka Falls is a roughly 50 foot high waterfall located along Stony Brook in the town of Watchung in Somerset County New Jersey.

Wetumpka is an Indian word meaning tumbling or rumbling waters.

An old man-made dam used to exist right above the falls but it was washed away by a flood in 1973. You can still see remnants of the dam above the banks of the Stony Brook today.

Wetumpka Falls drops in four quick stages with two main drops. The Upper drop is slightly smaller than the

Lower drop

and there are two smaller drops at the very top

and bottom of the falls.

This is not one of the most scenic waterfalls in New Jersey but it is unbelievably easy to get to Wetumpka Falls.

Wetumpka Falls is located directly across the street from the Watchung Police and Court Building at 880 Somerset Street. You can park right in the court parking lot but be careful crossing Somerset Street because it is a busy roadway. After you cross the street you can hear and see the falls but to get close you have to hike a very short way down into the steep ravine below. To reach Somerset Street from I-78 take exit 40 and proceed south along Hillcrest Ave until you reach the Watchung Circle. Go 3/4 of the way around the circle and bear right onto Somerset St and look for the Police and Court Building on your left at 880 Somerest St. From Route 22 take Watchung Ave north and it will become Somerset St and look for the Police and Court Building on your right at 880 Somerset St.

All photos © Joe Dorish. Permission is granted to use these photos as long as you provide a working link back to this website.

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Papa Sparks

Nov 21st, 2009

Great pictorial journey Joe and really liked the pics a lot!


Nov 21st, 2009

I liked learning the meaning of wetumpka and it does seem to fit the falls.


Nov 21st, 2009

Stunning pictures :)

ahmad joko setyawan

Nov 21st, 2009

Beautiful work Joe! Well written,interesting and lots of stunning photos!

MMV Abad

Nov 21st, 2009

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Nov 22nd, 2009

Another brilliantly written tour on waterfalls. Really amazing tourist spots! :-)


Nov 22nd, 2009

fantastic pictures. Thanks for the tour.


Nov 22nd, 2009

Beautiful scenery. Thanks for the post.

kate smedley

Nov 23rd, 2009

Breathtaking pictures and amazing article as always.

Yovita Siswati

Nov 24th, 2009

what a beautiful view! Thanks for the tour.

Melody SJAL

Nov 24th, 2009

Wonderful place.

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