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Review The Grand Hyatt in New York City

by ladym33 on 09/09/12 at 4:13 pm

Review of the Grand Hyatt In New York City.

My family recently traveled to New York City.  To save money we actually stayed most of the trip in East Rutherford New Jersey and then took the but in to New York City every day.  We did want to spend one night in the city though so that we could enjoy the Time Square Night Life with out having to travel back on public transportation at night.  I had some Hyatt gift cards so we decided to stay at the Grand Hyatt hotel. 

The Grand Hyatt is located at:

109 East 42nd Street, New York, NY, US, 10017 and is connected to Grand Central Station.  They have Valet parking there but it is not at the normal hotel entrance.  It is up above off an over pass.  Overnight parking is $60 per night plus tip of course. 

The location is very good and is within reasonabe walking distance of Time Square and all of the major theaters.


They obvioiusly put a lot of time and planning in to the lobby which is very modern and cool and has a few of these faces around.  This is what you see when you first walk in the front doors.  Below the head is a fountain, it is kind of hard to see that in this picture.  You must go up a small escalator to get to the actual lobby.  The lobby is huge but the check in desks are kind of small.  There are a few little shops towards the back of the lobby behind the elevator banks. There are also a couple of meeting rooms back there as well.  The restaurant is one floor up from the lobby and you take an escalator from the lobby to get there. 

The rooms were on the small side.  The first room we had, had a broken air conditioning unit.  We were told it would be fixed while we were out, so when we returned at 11:00 PM tired and ready to go to bed we found that it had not been fixed and our tiny room was like a boiler room.  When we complained we were moved to another room which was a bit bigger and nicer.  Still a bit on the small side however.  The bathroom was also bigger.  the original bathroom was kind of small, but the room did have a walk in closet, the new room had a large sliding door closet.  It also had a bigger bathroom with a seperate vanity area.  The beds were comfortable they had nice fluffy comforters, the TV was a nice sized flat screen.  The room also had a mini fridge but it was really tiny and our take out box from dinner did not even fit in there.  We made it work though.  There was also a small couch at the end of the room under the window.  If you look at the professional hotel photos from the hotel it makes it look like there is space between the bed and the couch but you can see from my picture how close they were to one another. 

The hotel did have an impressive gym. It had all kinds of equipment you don’t normally see at a hotel.  They even had a punching bag and some good weight lifting equipment.  It was a step beyond your typical hotel gym.

Check in and Check out were quite simple and the staff was very friendly.   

Over all we were not all that thrilled with our stay at the Grand Hyatt. The whole air conditioning experience really put us in a foul mood, but the small rooms did not help either.  For New York City though small rooms are kind of a normal thing though. Price wise it was pretty much in line with other hotels in the area. 

If you are traveling alone this hotel is probably fine, and if you like to work out the gym is impressive.  For a family though the quarters were just a bit to small for our comfort.

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