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Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Ohio

by Joe Dorish on 13/06/09 at 8:30 am

Ohio has its share of unique and pretty waterfalls.

Most people probably do not associate Ohio with waterfalls but the Buckeye State has some beautiful and quite unique waterfalls. The eastern half of the state where most of these waterfalls are located has many gorges, glaciated plateaus and rock formations that lend themselves to waterfalls and much of Ohio’s northern border is Lake Erie. There are tons of waterfalls in and around the Great Lakes area including mighty Niagara Falls. Ohio has no waterfall to match that but has its share of unique and pretty waterfalls.

Cedar Falls


Probably the best known and most photographed waterfall in Ohio is Cedar Falls located in the Hocking Hills Stats Park area in south central Ohio. Cedar Falls is 50 feet high and noted for the way it splits into two around a big jutting piece of sandstone halfway down and then comes together again for the final tumble into the pool below.


Ash Cave Falls


Also located in Hocking Hills State Park is the 90 to 100 foot high Ash Cave Falls. Except in the spring or after heavy rain this waterfall does not have heavy flow but is quite pretty given the magnificent Ash Cave background. In the winter this waterfall forms an ice cone or tower on the ground below and reportedly during very cold winters the ice tower extends all the way to the top creating a unique site.


Hayden Run Falls


Located along Hayden Run in Griggs Nature Preserve not far from Columbus, Ohio is the 25 foot high Hayden Run Falls. Though a large shopping mall is located just miles from this waterfall the Hayden Run Gorge protects this waterfall and preserves its natural appeal.

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Jun 13th, 2009

Wow, these waterfalls are beautiful! You made me having a desire to touch the water. Thanks for this exciting tour! Give you “liked it”

Jo Oliver

Jun 13th, 2009

Ohio looks very blessed with natural beauty. These are all amazing.


Jun 13th, 2009

Oh please stop those nice articles! I have to make a robbery and travel all time :)

Ruby Hawk

Jun 13th, 2009

Joe, I think you found them all and they are beautiful falls. Great pictures too.


Jun 13th, 2009

You have the most beautiful pictures ever~!


Jun 13th, 2009

My folks were originally from Ohio and I have seen pictures of some of these falls before…but you do an excellent job!

Daisy Peasblossom

Jun 13th, 2009

Lovely pics–goes to show that falls don’t have to be the biggest or most impressive to be beautiful.


Jun 13th, 2009

Cool waterfalls Joe!


Jun 14th, 2009

I miss Ohio it is so beautiful, I have seen some of the southern Ohio parks, it is absolutely amazing, I like the iced over lake water from the waterfall. Living in Kentucky as a child and teenager I miss seeing the wonderful wildlife there, living in Florida now and all I see is palm tree after palm tree. Not that Florida isn’t nice. But its not like Ohio and Kentucky.

California Dreamer

Jun 15th, 2009

Wow, what beautiful photographs that you have compiled with some great research, great job, thanks for sharing :)

kate smedley

Jun 15th, 2009

Another beautiful article on waterfalls, keep them coming!!


Jun 23rd, 2009

Wow I live in Ohio and didn’t know all these were here! I could go and check out the one near Columbus. And I didn’t know about Bill Watterson either.(I love Calvin and Hobbes!) Very nicely done article!

Jessica Halt

Aug 2nd, 2009

Can you give exact directions from I-80 on how to get to the Tinker’s Creek Falls…we were just there today and COULD NOT FIND IT!! We must have stopped and asked a 100 ppl and no one knew what we were talking about! HELP PLEASE! Much appreciated.

Joe Dorish

Aug 2nd, 2009

Jessica, Tinkers Falls is in Bedford in the gorge in the Bedford Reservation or Viaduct Park. From 80 take either 271 or 480 up to Bedford, they merge before you get there. Once in Bedford get on 14 or Broadway and turn left on Taylor street. Go to the end where it meets Willis Street. There are railroad tracks there and the falls are along Tinker Creek just east of the railroad tracks.

If that is too confusing there is a ranger station right near Shawnee Hills golf course at Egbert road and Cleveland Metro Pkwy. Take the Bridle Trail from there and I think there is a side trail to the falls but you can ask the ranger.


Aug 27th, 2009

i live in michigan. and have seen some of these falls in ohio i worked near cleveland and youngstown

ps check out breizh73 on redgage he has a lot of falls to


Aug 31st, 2009

Thank you for the page they are beautiful, but you missed the Bonnie Park falls in Strongsville, Ohio part of the Mill Stream Run section of Metro Parks, I go there quite often, since they are right by me, about 8 minutes away, to sit and relax….Here is the link to see them, enjoy!



Dec 18th, 2009

Hmmm, sadly Ohio equal Great Lakes equal polluted…I know someone whose organs started shutting down from eating fish caught in Erie…


Apr 20th, 2010

what are the falls near midletown,ohio? my father took me there back in the late 70 and i cant remeber where it is

Joe Dorish

Apr 20th, 2010

Could be Clifton Gorge Falls, Mary. That’s north of Middletown though. I’ve not really poked around that area that much but some of the feeder streams to the Great Miami on the west probably have waterfalls along them.


Apr 22nd, 2010

big lyons and little lyons falls at the mohican state park in loudonville, oh. noteworthy…


May 2nd, 2010

Come back here to leave you a smile and liked it.


Jul 20th, 2011

There are a few great books out I’ve discovered on Ohio waterfalls by an author named Tina Karle. She has several hiking books out on Ohio\’s waterfalls. Have you seen those Joe?

Joe Dorish

Jul 20th, 2011

Yes, Joanne, I’ve seen some of Tina’s books. They are pretty good, but I think she lists too many small waterfalls. I’ve documented almost all the waterfalls in the county I live in, but most people are really only interested in the bigger waterfalls, and the ones that are easy to get to. Still, Tina has done her homework, and I would recommend her books to anybody seeking waterfalls in Ohio.


Jul 21st, 2011

Ok Joe, you have me intrigued. I have her book on 200 waterfalls of Ohio and checked out her book on cincinnati’s waterfalls at the library. I’ve visited some of her small falls and they were really neat looking. What do you consider to be small? Those small one’s were easy to get to, and my niece and nephew liked that they could clambor over them. I’ve noticed her falls are for the most part easy to get to, being that most are roadside, except for what she deems gps only. I had my grandson bring his gps gadget so we could have fun finding one of those falls. It was a thrill when we finally found it, as it was worth the fun of the hunt. So I guess I’m curious what is wrong with some of the smaller one’s. The big one’s are nice but some don’t run as often as the smaller one’s seem to. Since it seems you travel, I”m curious on your input. I have a budding photographer in my nephew and he’s been wanting to travel with me now that it’s summer and he likes any type of waterfall as long as its running.

Joe Dorish

Jul 22nd, 2011

Well Joanne, I’m talking about reaching the masses. Millions visit Niagara Falls every year because its massive. If you really love waterfalls, like I do, and it seems you and your nephew do, then you don’t really care about the size. But when I publish an article about a beautiful but small waterfall, maybe a couple hundred people read it. If I do an article about a big waterfall, like the Great Falls of the Passaic River, thousands read it.

I published a photo not too long ago of a beautiful maybe 10 foot high canyon waterfall that is a few miles from my home. The first comment someone left was how it’s not a waterfall if it’s not at least 15 feet high. That’s baloney, but a lot of people feel that way.

To me, finding Any waterfall, no matter how high, is a thrill. But you have to really love waterfalls. Do you live near the Pennsylvania border? One area that is lacking good info about waterfalls is western Pennsylvania.


Aug 18th, 2011

there’s a pretty falls in Berea Ohio in the metroparks by barrett road. It’s not huge but the gorge is filled with huge boulders and the rock formations are awesome. Have you seen it?

Joe Dorish

Aug 18th, 2011

Have seen photos of Berea Falls, but have not yet been there in person. I think there used to be a quarry near there. I’ll do a little research and if I can find a photo of Berea Falls that I can use, I’ll add it here. Thanks for the comment!


Jan 10th, 2013

Nice job Joe. I was born and raised in Cuyahoga Falls and was sick when they built the Sheraton Suites along the river. You are right that it is a great sight for the guests but for those of us that enjoy hiking in the gorge by the river the hotel is an eye sore.

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