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The State of Ohio’s Most Haunted and Scariest Places

by Steve Weitzner on 10/04/08 at 5:24 am

Haunted areas in the state of Ohio.


Athens Asylum building (Athens, Ohio)

In 1873, the Athens Lunatic Asylum building was built. Lobotomies, electro shock therapy, and other trial treatments were performed on the patients here. Purchased by the University of Ohio, the hospital was closed in 1979 but the building still stands today and is called the Ridges building. It is rumored to be haunted by ghost and other unexplained phenomena.

One particularly haunting aspect of the Ridges is the famous stain. On December 1st, 1978, a 54 year old female patient named Margaret Schilling disappeared. She was found dead six weeks later on January 12th, 1979 in a seldom used part of the hospital on the top floor of ward N-20. After removing her body, her outline appeared impressed on the floor, revealing even her hairstyle and folds of her clothing. Its appearance is not scientifically impossible, because it may have been caused by the decomposition of her body in reaction with direct sunlight from the window. But the stain was repeatedly cleaned, and always reappears, and can still be seen today. Some say the ghost of Margaret Schilling and others who have died in the hospital wander the halls at night.

In 1981, a female college student visited the Athens Lunatic Asylum building. After a short stay, something scared her and she quickly left. That same night, for reasons still unknown, that female student killed herself in her dorm room at Wilson’s Hall.

Strange things have been reported happening here by many people for many years now.

Hannings Cemetery (Athens, Ohio)

One of the five cemeteries of Athens Mental Health Center ,Hannings Cemetery was called the thirteenth most haunted place in the world by the British Society for Psychical Research. Frequent sightings of a phantom man wearing a dark hood and robe and holding a sickle have been seen in various parts of the cemetery. Some people have even claimed being chased out of Hanning cemetery by the evil hooded spirit.

Mansfield Reformatory (Mansfield, Ohio)

The Mansfield Reformatory, (also known as the Ohio State Reformatory) is a historic prison located at 100 Reformatory Road, Mansfield, Ohio, USA. The Reformatory was built between 1886 and 1910 by architect Levi T. Scofield.

The prison was designed in Romanesque Revival style to look like the old world castles and cathedrals in Germany. It was built on the site of a former Civil War camp, Camp Mordecai Bartley. It is also known for having the world’s tallest free-standing, steel cell block, at six tiers high.

Liked it

bittney allen

Nov 15th, 2008

wow im terrified now that i read that. omg thats scary to me.


Jan 9th, 2009

this is very introsting but about the air force is just to much info

Katie Edgecomb , St. ...?

Feb 4th, 2009

oooo wow that was super scary lol jk this was prolly just made up. they was just bored and they had nothing other to do so they make up stories.


Feb 26th, 2009

have u heard of the ghost stories of Fort stubben Scout Reservation on Clendinen Lake

Liz P.

Mar 18th, 2009

Mansfield Reformatory has been one of the scariest places i have ever been in my life and it still haunts me today even though i live in Washington state now i will never forget that place for as long as i live being a non beliver back than has changed my life completly. One of these days when i make it back to Ohio i want to go there again and experience everything i did again.


Mar 31st, 2009

Damn, that’s super scary! You would never find me in a place like that unless its with alot of people!!

rk Roe

May 1st, 2009

Mansfield was a very busy place we have pictures a EVPs was so cool. it is scary you felt like something was following you could smell the fowers , the warden wife liked. so cool.

lynn hudnell

Oct 14th, 2009

I recently visited Moundsville Prison and took the over night tour. My sister and I took a picture of a ghost and have voice recordings. This prison is definetly haunted and we had an interesting visit. We plan to visit Mansfield this April hope we have as good as an experience.


Nov 3rd, 2009

what about the mounsville penitentary


Nov 16th, 2009

wow. This is amazing, as for the Athens Asylum being a “fake” well… haha. there are pictures of this stain, i found them. me and a bunch of friends are going to get together and visit it some day, its going to be cool.

ralph staffey

Mar 1st, 2010

i don’t know about the others but there is a house in cambridge that makes amityville seem mild it has haunting dating back to the 1950’s there is five confirmed ghost and quite possibly a inhuman spirit or demon that has tried to convince past renters that they need to commit suicide


Apr 28th, 2010

went to athens to go into the asylum, wasnt there for 5 minutes and a damn cop came and ran us off and told u we could only come there during the day! HOW FREAKIN DUMB IS THAT!!! since then i have been to a few other places in ohio, yet to see anything or hear anything, some cool places tho!


May 19th, 2010



Oct 7th, 2010

i love scary stuff …………………but this not so scary.


Aug 14th, 2011


Brittany Hanning

Oct 6th, 2011

Can anyone tell be where the Hanning’s Cemetery is??? I think it would be cool to go there & see where some of my family is for halloween

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