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Beautiful Waterfalls of Oklahoma

by Joe Dorish on 22/09/09 at 6:45 pm

Most people would not associate Oklahoma with waterfalls but the Sooner State has a surprising number of pretty waterfalls scattered throughout the state.

Like the waterfalls in neighboring Texas most of Oklahoma’s waterfalls are best viewed after a good rain but the two tallest continuous waterfalls in the state flow year round.


Turner Falls


Turner Falls drops 77 unique feet along Honey Creek in Turner Falls Park which is a city park located in southern Oklahoma in Davis about 90 miles south of Oklahoma City. Turner Falls is easily the best known and most popular waterfalls in Oklahoma. The pretty pool below the falls is a very popular swimming hole.


And the upper and lower falls are also popular with swimmers and sliders.


Natural Falls


Located in Natural Falls State Park in northeatern Oklahoma 6 miles west of West Siloam Springs is the lovely 77 foot high Natural Falls. The waterfall used to be called Dripping Springs Falls and probably still is by locals but the official name was changed by the state to avoid confusion with Dripping Springs State Park. Natural Falls is generally regarded as being tied with Turner Falls as the highest waterfall in Oklahoma. The park and falls can be reached right along Highway 412/59 six miles west of West Siloam Springs.

Medicine Park Waterfalls


Medicine Park Waterfalls is located in the little town of Medicine Park in southwestern Oklahoma just east of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and just north of the Fort Sill Military Reservation.


Sahoma Lake/Pretty Lake Waterfalls


This scenic little waterfall is located right where Pretty Lake spills into Sahoma Lake just off Sahoma Lake Road in Sapulpa, Oklahoma which is southwest of Tulsa.

Osage Hills State Park


This small in height but long waterfall is located in north-eastern Oklahoma in Osage Hills State Park which can be reached right off Highway 60 about 9 miles west of Bartlesville.

Shidler Lake Waterfalls

At the end of a small lake in Shidler in northern Oklahoma are the Shidler Lake Waterfalls. You can see a photo of the falls here.

Forty Foot Hole Falls


Located along the West Cache Creek in the Forty Foot Hole area in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge are a series of small waterfalls that end at the Forty Foot Hole. The Wichita Wildlife Refuge is located in southwestern Oklahoma near Lawton. American Bison or Buffaloes live in the Refuge and they will charge you if given the chance so be a little wary if you see them around if you visit here.

Presbyterian Falls


Presbyterian Falls is a string of rapids along the Lower Mountain Fork River below the Broken Bow Lake Dam in the Ouachita National Forest in southeastern Oklahoma. This is a popular site with kayakers and white-water enthusiasts.

Okmulgee Lake Spillway Waterfalls


This spillway waterfall is located on Lake Okmulgee in eastern Oklahoma right along Route 56 west of Okmulgee.

Myriad Gardens Waterfalls


There are numerous man-made waterfalls at the Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory located at 301 W Reno Ave in Oklahoma City.

Bricktown Canal Falls


This lovely waterfall is located in the Bricktown district of Oklahoma City along the Bricktown Canal.


Overholser Dam Spillway


Lake Overholser and the dam spillway waterfalls is located just west of Oklahoma City

Kaw Dam Spillway

The Kaw Lake Dam is located along the Arkansas River in northern Oklahoma near Kaw City east of I-35. Today the structure is owned by the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority which is a state run entity that operates the dam as a hydro-electric facility that currently generates over 100 gigawatts of energy annually.

Denison Dam


Spillway for the Denison Dam located right on the Oklahoma-Texas border along the Red River. This spillway does not normally overflow but it did in 2007.

Broken Bow Lake Dam


The Broken Bow Lake Dam along the Mountain Fork River was built in the 1960’s and finished in 1970. The dam and spillway pictured here can be reached along State Highway 259 Alt Route in southeast Oklahoma.

Jed Johnson Lake Dam Waterfalls


Jed Johnson Lake is the largest lake in the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Oklahoma and the dam is off Cache Meers Road which is also Routes 115/49.

Oklahoma City Waterfalls


One of the man-made waterfalls located off Couch Drive in Oklahoma City.

Cowboy Waterfall


This waterfall is located at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City at 1700 NE 63rd Street.

Centennial Park Waterfall


This lovely little waterfall is located in Tulsa Centennial Park at E Sixth Street and S Peoria Ave near downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Sep 22nd, 2009

I like the natural waterfalls the best!


Sep 22nd, 2009

Me too, I like nature as well as waterfalls. I believe that man-made one is not as spectacular as the natural one. I prefer natural-made waterfalls better. Thanks for your tour and have my “liked it”


Sep 22nd, 2009

This was excellent, I wish I was there!


Sep 23rd, 2009

My friend, you never runs out of waterfall articles. I now wondering if America is a land of thousand waterfalls.

Yovita Siswati

Sep 23rd, 2009

Just beautiful!


Sep 23rd, 2009

I’m not a fan of the man-made efforts to be honest. Nature is far more creative, but I always enjoy your work!

Melody SJAL

Sep 23rd, 2009

Amazingly beatiful!

Lily River

Sep 23rd, 2009

Manmade or not those water falls are absolutely gorgeous!

athena goodlight

Sep 23rd, 2009

Very beautiful indeed! The majesty of the waterfalls lies in its natural demonstration of power and beauty. I love this piece! Thanks.


Sep 24th, 2009

Very lovely waterfalls. well-researched and historical

Joshua Miguel

Sep 24th, 2009

Very refreshing place to visit.thanks for the tour.


Sep 24th, 2009

Great article. Beautiful waterfalls, makes me wish I was there. Well done. I liked it. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us.



Sep 24th, 2009

Anbother great article with fantastic pictures,but all of your articles like this are great.

Cyrine molina

Sep 24th, 2009

great spot..!! really an enchanting place to visit..!!
Wow Philippines…

Some interesting and beautiful water fall. Many people don’t take the time to look to their own State for the beautiful things that surround them
Great Article


Sep 24th, 2009

really beautiful


Sep 24th, 2009

I have seen a few of these in person, being from the midwest.
Travel to ok and Kans often. These spectaculars are breathtaking. The one in Tulsa always emits a cool refreshing spray. You are making me homesick.

j p gallagher

Sep 28th, 2009

As always a great job, thanks for posting,

nobert soloria bermosa

Oct 3rd, 2009

absolutely beauti-FALLS,


Dec 5th, 2009

Anyone heading to Oklahoma should read this for sure. Such great places to see. Thanks for the detailed info

Lee Peterson

Apr 14th, 2012

You should see the waterfalls in Joplin, Missouri. Joplin Grand Falls.

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