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Canoeing in Ontario

by Mary Cassells on 01/01/10 at 1:42 pm

A brief memory of canoeing in Temagami, Ontario,

Even though it was July, I still felt cold every morning when the group leader would wake us up.  Sometimes I would have dreams of portaging only to wake up and have to do portaging. 

We worked out an agreement.  I would carry a load halfway to the portage and go back to get the other load.  The leader would carry the load mfor the rest of the portage.

The worst was the two mile portage.  There I was standing on the rock at sunset looking across the lake at the path.  Two miles.  There was no choice.  I had to do it.  I couldn’t call my mother and ask for a ride home.  The group leader tried to counsel me.  I didn’t even notice that I had to sleep on a bit of sloping rock.

We woke up early as usual.  The canoe ride over to the portage was uneventful.  Then we landed on shore.  I put  on the big sack. I strapped the band to my head feeling much likea turtle.

On and on I walked.  My neck muscles were sore.  My back was sore.  At one point I broke down crying.  The leader counseled me.  He said that since I went on the canoe trip. I had a beautiful red color in my cheeks.

It took the whole morning to cross that two mile portage.  At the end we all sat down and rested.  Then we went for a delicious swim.  It felt so good.

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