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Seven Spectacular Places to See While Visiting Ontario Canada

by lanne on 10/10/08 at 4:39 am

These are seven of my favorite places to visit in Ontario.

Peterborough Lift Lock

Located in Peterborough Ontario, the Peterborough Lock is #21 on the Trent Severn Waterway System. Although there are lifts that are higher, at 65 feet it is the worlds highest hydraulic lift. The lock works using a counterweigt system and is not dependant on any external power supply.

The Big Nickel

 Sudbury Ontario is home to what The Guinness Book of Records calls the world`s largest coin. The coin sits on the property of Dynamic Earth and is a 30 ft replica of a Canadian 1951 nickel.

Casa Loma

Visitors can go on guided tours of  Casa Loma located in Toronto Ontario. The castle took 300 men three years to build at a cost of aprox. $3.5 million. Upon it`s completion in 1914 the 98 room castle was considered to be the largest private home in North America.

Niagra Falls (Horseshoe Falls)

The Falls were created when glaciers receded at the end of the last ice age and serve as a border between Ontario Canada and the state of New York. Visitors can ride below the falls on the glass bottomed Maid of the Mist.

The Canadian National Exhibition (C.N.E)

Located at Exhibition Place in Toronto Ontario, The C.N.E is the largest fair in Canada. The fair is open from mid August to Labor Day. Attractions include a working farm, midway rides, international food pavilions, as well as the three day International Air Show.

Black Creek Pioneer Village

Located in Toronto Ontario, Black Creek Pioneer Village is the perfect place to step back in time. Take a guided tour through an authentic pioneer town and see how things used to be done.

Blue Mountain Scenic Caves

Located just outside of Collingwood, two hours North of Toronto, Blue Mountain offers visitors so much more than just a breathtaking view. You can spend your day re-discovering natural caves or walking over the suspension bridge that is 25 metres above ground and 300 metres over Georgian Bay. Those who need some extra excitement, they can rid a Zip cord down the side of the mountain. Be sure to wear your hiking shoes.

Liked it


Oct 10th, 2008

Beautiful scenery and you really make me want to visit. I’m going to plan a tript for next year with the wife and kids. Look at that, you sold it!

BC Doan

Oct 10th, 2008

What beautiful places to visit!


Oct 10th, 2008

Beautiful places, especially Niagara Falls.

Darlene McFarlane

Oct 10th, 2008

Great article and the pictures are fantastic. The C.N.E. was a summer tradition when I was growing up in Toronto and my favorite place to be in the fall is Pioneer Village though it’s been a while. I have been to all of the places listed above but I enjoyed your article like I was seeing them for the first time.

Good job!


Oct 10th, 2008

I want to visit Canada soon. I can’t wait to be there and will have to add some of these places to the list.

Anne Lyken-Garner

Oct 12th, 2008

Canada looks great. My dad lives there, and I’ve been threatening to go visit for ages.

Unofre Pili

Oct 14th, 2008

Stunning places. All I can do is to dream.


May 14th, 2009

I live in Canada and its great!


Aug 4th, 2009

I live here and its the best place on earth! A lot better than United States of Bailoutistan.

jim barron

Sep 6th, 2009

we have been to ontario 3 times and we are planning another visit before moving over there permanantly


Nov 11th, 2009

canada is great!! Ilove it my favrite place to visit is niagra falls


Dec 13th, 2009

Canada is just an amazing place to live. We strive in our natural setting, and it’s beautiful how we have connections with our environment and cultures who live with the outdoors. Ontario is a more specific place with everything. I really appreciate life here. Great article, although I would add some more.


Jan 10th, 2010

Thanks for sharing :)


Jul 14th, 2010

Great post. Pics are a nice touch. I am adding a link in my blog.


Feb 2nd, 2011

This is a good site, I needed a top 10 list of places to visit in Ontaria for a project that I am doing

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