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Video Game Stores In Toronto

by nsaftarli on 03/03/07 at 6:51 am

some of the best video game markets in Toronto.


They have almost every game ive ever looked for, even the old NES games.

Wide library of video games. However their prices when it comes to new games are quite expensive and a game may drop over $40 (if you bought it new) when you try to sell it. The staff are very rude, so forget about asking them to test it (unless you are very persistent like me). If you are going to icemans keep your old games, and buy them used, because the price isnt worth it. The library of cheap classics more than makes up for it though


2. Microplay.

Basically like EB games, except cheaper, but with a smaller library. A new 60 dollar game, opened 5 minutes ago may cost $15 there. THey are useful for pre-orders. If you want to give a gift a microplay gift card is great. I find that the staff are willing to help, and are usually more than happy to test a used game before selling it.


3.EB games.

This store has a wide selection of modern games, and good staff. This store will probably rip you off the least when it comes to selling a game. However they are very progressive and do not keep the classics that we have all come to love today. Forget SNES they do not even have play station (1) games.


4. Best Buy

In terms of prices best buy cannot be beat. Oh yes their prices are so high you will have trouble finding somewhere more expensive. Since its quite a big store testing is out of question. But you can always count on them having the latest games or allowing you to pre-order them. I have NEVER had any trouble with them.


5. China Town

Whats more to say? Cheapest games in Toronto. As long as you have a mod chip in your console which costs about $80 games are cheap there. Since its not an actual store theres no money back, waranty, or any other luxuries that you are used to.


Liked it


Mar 22nd, 2007

Re: Microplay

I walked outside today with the intention of dropping several hundred dollars on a new console, some games and apps.

I observed the Microplay clerk – an unkempt, bespectacled individual, with atrocious facial hair – be intensely belligerent to several customers before my approaching the counter.

When my turn came I was treated in a very condescending manner, which proceeded to plain insulting.

I took my cash elsewhere – even though it ended up costing more.

I thought that kind of assholish ‘comic-book-guy’ persona had long faded from the world of videogames. Looks like that stereotype still lingers in the danker corners: like fungus…

Nariman (nsaftarli)

Apr 5th, 2007

Hmmm… well, i suppose there are some of those everywhere. That is still the place with the best staff for me though… i pre-ordered halo 2 vista there… those guys usually just need a little kick. I called a manager about some guy at ebgames once


Jul 6th, 2008

Do youhave the address for icemans and microplat


Jul 13th, 2008

Where is Icemans located in toronto?


Jul 13th, 2008

Icemans has unfortunately closed down.
i would give Video Games Plus or A&C Games a try.


Jul 15th, 2008

Try yesterdays heroes.. on Bathurst in between Bloor and Harbord.
Or try Xtreme Games on Dundas street west between Dufferin and Ossington.


Sep 7th, 2008

Game Center at Yonge and Bloor. Best in the city.


Sep 22nd, 2008

Go to A & C Games, http://www.acgamesonline.com. Biggest selection in the city, no joke.


Sep 28th, 2008

Game center on younge street is one of the best in toronto. they have a huge selection of classic games, new games and gaming accersories. The employees are almost always great and its just a block south of the subway. (oh and they have a giant dvd selection aswell)


Jan 24th, 2009

I buy most of my games at High Tech (@ Bloor & Dufferin). Just past blockbuster and a couple sketchy convenience stores.


Jun 18th, 2009

check out toyratt.com for all your retro games atari,pong,nes,vinyl records and more

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