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Two Large Flea/farmers Markets Southeastern Pennsylvania — Philadelphia Area

by mitchey179 on 08/09/09 at 2:38 am

This short article talks about two large flea markets in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

If you live in Southeastern Pennsylvania or plan on visiting this area shorty then you should try to visit two of their large flea markets.  Although this area actually has numerous flea markets there are two that are bigger in size and offer more choices for shoppers.  Below are a description and location of the two markets that I think are worth visiting.  Be sure to check them both out….

  1. Zerns Farmer’s Market.  This market is located in Boyertown, PA which is approximately 1 hour north of Philly and 1/2 west of Reading, PA.  The market is divided into two main sections which are open year round on the weekends.  Hours are Friday evenings and all day and evening on Saturdays.  The two sections consists of one indoor heated building and one outdoor pavilion style building which is unheated.  The pavilion building has mostly produce, flowers and display stands for odds and ends.  Most of the vendors here are limited to one or two tables each to display their products.  All told there are more than 100 different vendors in this building.  The indoor heated building has more than 75 vendors plus a whole crop of restaurants and take out places spread throughout.  This building has delis, produce, restaurants, book stores, jewelry shops, clothing, art store, and other specialty stores inside.  There are also several used furniture stores inside as well.  One of the more interesting features here is a live auction which happens every weekend where pretty much everything under the sun is auctioned off included cars.  You can really get some great deals here at this auction if you have the time to sit through until the item you want comes up.
  2. Reddingers Farmer’s Market.  The market is located in Kutztown, PA which is approximately 1 and a half hours North of Philadelphia and only 15 minutes west of Reading, PA.  This market consists of one large indoor heated building but also contains numerous covered outdoor pavilions which are used around 4 times a year for their antique extravaganzas.  These are very popular where more than 1000 vendors come together for 4 weekends a year to sell their items.  This is definitely the time to visit the market and find some great deals especially if you are into antiques.  As for the main indoor building, they are open year round and have over 100 different vendors.  Here you can find produce, restaurants, flower shops, books, clothing, furniture, antiques and other specialty stores spread throughout the building.  They also have some good bakery shops so make sure you get some pastries while visiting.  Hours of operation are also Friday evening and all day Saturday. 

So there you have the two flea markets I recommend when you are in the Philadelphia or Reading, Pennsylvania area.  They are both worth visiting and where you can find some great deals. 

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