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Beautiful Texas Waterfalls

by Joe Dorish on 21/08/09 at 10:18 am

Beautiful waterfalls located in the big state of Texas.

Texas is well known for big things but that is not really the case with the waterfalls located in the state. For the most part the waterfalls in Texas are not large, tall or big though they are all quite scenic. The only really tall waterfalls located in Texas are in Big Bend and Guadalupe National Parks and even then they are mainly seasonal and only good after rain.

Gorman Falls


Who would have guessed that such a luscious green waterfall exists in Texas? Gorman Falls is a beautiful 65 foot high waterfall fed by natural springs including Gorman Spring and is located in Colorado Bend State Park in central Texas. Access to Gorman Falls is sometimes limited to protect the fragile natural environment so call ahead to the park if you plan on visiting. Colorado Bend State Park can be reached along Ranch Road 580 at Bend west of Lampasas or south of San Saba.


Lower McKinney Falls


The Upper and Lower McKinney Falls are located along Onion Creek in McKinney Falls State Park which is on the southeast edge of Austin just west of the airport. Humans have been living around and using McKinney Falls for over 5,000 years. Today even though the water looks inviting for a swim on hot days, swimming in the creek is sometimes restricted due to high levels of pollutants that reach Onion Creek from Austin’s run-off. To reach the park and waterfalls take the McKinney Falls Parkway right off 83/Lockhart Highway.

Upper McKinney Falls


Hamilton Pool Falls

Hamilton Pool Falls drops some 45 lovely feet into the Hamilton Pool in the Hamilton Pool Preserve which is located about 30 miles west of Austin along Hamilton Pool Road off 71 North. This waterfall reminds me of Ash Cave Falls in Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio with the exception that Hamilton Falls fills the pool below. Swimming is allowed at Hamilton Pool when the water quality allows but the preserve parking lot is limited to 75 cars. Any additional cars must wait in line for additional spots to open up.

Liked it


Aug 21st, 2009

I never heard that Texas has so many beautiful waterfalls. interesting write and great photos.


Aug 21st, 2009

These are really wonderful waterfalls in Texas. Thanks for your exciting tour again, have my liked it.


Aug 21st, 2009

Great stuff


Best regards

Marie Milton

Aug 21st, 2009

haha…you and your waterfalls : ))


Aug 21st, 2009

Waterfalls in Texas…unbelievable!

Lauren Axelrod

Aug 21st, 2009

Lovely waterfalls.


Aug 21st, 2009

Since you are the waterfall expert Joe are there any states that do no have at least one waterfall? Would be interesting to know.

kate smedley

Aug 22nd, 2009

Another great article Joe, I didn’t realise Texas had so many waterfalls, I’m visiting in February so I’ll see if I can visit any.


Aug 22nd, 2009

I leve in Texas. I have been to the bench waterfall. I never knew there were such beautiful falls right here in the Lone Star State

Daisy Peasblossom

Aug 22nd, 2009

Texas has waterfalls? Ok, it has rivers, so I guess it must. These truly are lovely, especially the one falling into the pool by the cave mouth.

Joe Dorish

Aug 22nd, 2009

Martie, every state has at least one waterfall even the flattest states like Florida, Rhode Island, Delaware and Louisiana. The one waterfall I am aware of in Florida though is formed by water flowing from a spring into a sinkhole. Thanks for asking!


Aug 22nd, 2009

I love waterfalls, these are beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful tour, I really liked it.

Joie Schmidt

Aug 22nd, 2009

So nice!


-Liane Schmidt.

Bailey Thompson

Aug 22nd, 2009

Very neat! Thanks for sharing.


Aug 22nd, 2009

Wow… i like it and i love nature. Of all the waterfalls in Texas, i like most the William and Wichita waterfalls. William Waterfalls is nice to visit to have nice pictures, while wichita is nice to visit to spend time together with special people, you can feel the nature…so nice.


Aug 22nd, 2009

They may be small, but perfectly formed!

Lauren Axelrod

Aug 22nd, 2009

Hamilton Pool is breathtaking. I love the color of the water. Amazing locations Joe, thanks.

Dee Huff

Aug 23rd, 2009


Theresa Johnson

Aug 23rd, 2009

great article and beautiful pics

Valerie Piotrowski

Aug 23rd, 2009

Wow. I did not realize that there are so many falls there. Great text and pictures.

Jean Anne

Aug 23rd, 2009

I live in Texas and I never knew there were so many natural beauties here. My family will definately be taking a few road trips next summer. Thanks so much for this beautiful article!

Melody SJAL

Aug 24th, 2009

Particularly love the Gorman and the Wichita Falls.


Aug 24th, 2009

Great review. Simply beautiful


Aug 24th, 2009

Great article with fantastic pictures.Was supposed to visit Austin Texas soon, may have a reason to really visit now.


Aug 24th, 2009

Very beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
Best wishes.

Mortys Thoughts

Aug 24th, 2009

Those are some incredible pictures. when i think of texas i never really see it as a place of naturally beautiful places like this, but this article has opened my eyes.

James DeVere

Aug 29th, 2009

Really nice. I visited Austin but saw no falls. I do recall having lunch overlooking a large lake with some amazing hosts – I really liked Texas; this only gives me reason to return.

Love your articles . j

K Kristie

Sep 2nd, 2009

Wow overload. Waterfalls are so mesmerizing.

Amit Rivonkar

Sep 5th, 2009

very informative articles, great pics!!!

Ruby Hawk

Sep 20th, 2009

they might be smaller than somewater falls but they are still breathtaking.


Sep 24th, 2009

there is so much beauty in the world i have never known about. thank you so much for sharing. i really enjoyed looking at all the waterfalls throught all the united states. I think texas has some of my favorites. ohio would be next!!

athena goodlight

Sep 24th, 2009

Amazing! I have never seen a waterfall up close. Your articles and photos mesmerize me everytime. Thanks!

Lily River

Sep 25th, 2009

Absol,utely gorgeous photos. My aunt Carol lives in Texas and I am surpised she never told me about the beauty Texas has to offer. I like the shot of the bride. She is gorgeous. What a beautiful spot for wedding photos!

Celeste Redgate

Oct 28th, 2009

I am from BBNP where I grew up–I loved your pictures of the falls–now not so rare as pictures were in the 40’s


Jan 15th, 2010

Amazing pics… A good informative read..

I always thought of waterfalls as powerful, yet intriging. Your photo were absolutely awesome, and many were surprisingly peaceful.
Great piece of writing


Mar 24th, 2010

What about Capote Falls? Dolan falls? These are the tallest and the largest (respectively) waterfalls in Texas and aren’t even listed! However, you listed some I didn’t even know were there!

Jim White

Feb 12th, 2012

Capote falls is private property, trespassers will be prosecuted
To the fullest extent of the law
Jim white


Apr 22nd, 2012

Capote Falls is beautiful. It’s a good hike but I think everyone should go regardless of what that old man says

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