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Where Should You Eat in Atlanta, Texas?

by Shawnee Writes on 09/01/10 at 9:57 am

If you’re wondering what sort of food choices Atlanta, Texas offers….fear not. Here is an article which will enlighten your knowledge about this small town in Northeast Texas.

Atlanta, Texas has a decent variety of places at which to eat. We are lucky to have American, Chinese, Mexican, Southern, fast food, and steakhouses. Sometimes the dining in a small town is not readily apparent. Advertising is expensive, so word-of-mouth is always helpful to a small town business. Hopefully this will help our visitors get a better grasp of what our locals have to offer a growling tummy.

Through the main part of Atlanta, you can find the usual fast food such as Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Sonic, Domino’s Pizza, Dairy Queen, Wendy’s and McDonald’s.

The local restaurants in town are as follows: Amigo Juan (one of my personal favorites), Catfish King ( fish is a known healthy choice), Best Easter Buffet(plenty of good veggies and fruits from which to choose for those who want to complete their healthy servings for the day), China Cuisine (hassle-free meals), Ricky’s Barbeque, The Silver Spur, Taco Real, Jack’s Fine Foods, Pitt Grill, and Texas Bar-B-Que.

On the north end of Atlanta, you can enjoy dining at the Rose Garden Eatery and Catering.  (There’s plenty of parking at the Rose Garden.) The south end of Atlanta offers Grandy’s (conveniently located to accommodate big diesel trucks) and Tommy’s Bar-B-Que (in a country setting, easy to access, also offers parking for the big trucks). Downtown offers Dixie Maid (they give you plenty of food for your money) and Soda Fountain (offers nostalgia-type shopping with lots of really cool goodies—there’s something for everyone) while you wait for your meal.

There’s also the option of asking the locals, but as we know…people are more likely to mention their own favorites. One person’s like may be another’s dislike. A try-it-yourself-before-you-decide is always the best way to choose a place to which you may want to return on a future visit.  If you’re on a diet, worry not.  Our townfolk chefs include healthy food options in their menus.  Low calorie, low fat, or just more sensible foods are offered at any of our diners/restaurants.  (If you’re worried about exercising after eating one of our delicious and filling meals, we even offer places to take an energizing walk after eating.)

Driving around to find a place yourself is fine, but you may miss getting a fair chance of discovering the dining that is off the beaten path. You could always borrow a local phone book to get the list of places to eat, but they aren’t always updated on the most recent changes. The lovely GPS systems won’t always have the correct array of choices either. Technology is only as good as the information available at the time of production. So, I hope this article gives a better glimpse into what we like to offer our guests here in Atlanta. Of course, the very best of dining is that person who is a talented cook and doesn’t sell to the public. So, while you’re here, get to know the locals and you might be invited to one of the best meals ever!

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