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The Newest Three Pages to My Autobiography Web-comic

by Erin Miller on 27/10/11 at 1:08 pm

Triond won’t let me submit these pages to the Picable web-site…

I made the mistake of posting the following three pages to my autobiography web-comic on smackjeeves first before posting them up here. I may make a new triond account just to post the pages up.  However, I am not sure how well that would work.

Anyway, I also have no Internet access at the moment so I am at a public library right now. Please enjoy the following pages. It is a lot easier to send comments to the smackjeeves site I have it hosted on. I will link to the smackjeeves site below.

The Epic Adventures of Erin and Samie

Liked it

Dark Fairy

Oct 27th, 2011

Good job.


Oct 27th, 2011

Excellent my friend!

Christine Ramsay

Oct 27th, 2011

Amazing work, Erin, as always. So much talent.

Sandeep Sunny Jasrotia

Oct 27th, 2011

Its so nice…and u are so good…


Oct 27th, 2011

Good strip. Thanks for putting in the link.

Lady Sunshine

Oct 28th, 2011

I’ve left comments at your site. Hope all your fans do too. Come on people! It’s not that hard. Go visit her site NOW!


I wouldn’t make a new Triond account just to submit it again, Erin. It might just get that account flagged for duplicate content and even banned. Even if it is your own work you’ve submitted, Triond wants first publishing rights. So next time post it on Triond (Picable) first, then your own site. Surprised you made that mistake. Must have a lot on your plate! And no internet access sucks, esp if you work online. Hope it gets rectified soon. (Wow! My comment is long – my bad. At least its a nice change of pace from the usual short and generic comments. lol.)


Oct 29th, 2011

great works Erin.

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