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The River That Escaped From Paradise

by margaridab on 26/11/10 at 8:59 pm

Caño Cristales is a river in Colombia also called the "most beautiful in the world" or "the river of the five colors"

Caño Cristales is a river called the “most beautiful in the world”, “the river of the five colors” or even “the river that escaped from paradise”

As a stream of shorter length and width, Caño Cristales does not reach 100 km in length or 20 m in width. It is located in the Macarena National Park in Colombia’s sierra de la Macarena. Inside an area of 650,000 square kilometers, you can see fascinating waterfalls of all sizes, tunnels, cachiveras, rapids and natural grasslands. There are also many archaeological sites and caves that have not yet been explored.

The river has been declared biological heritage of humanity. By walking the natural surroundings of this wildlife sanctuary we can discover a wide range of colors, giant tunnels and abundant species of animals and native vegetation.

The river pigmentation is due to the stones on the river bed, covered with mosses and algae. Yellow, blue, green, black and red, are the five almost outrageous colors, which are explained by the presence of different colors algae that make this caño a visual wonder.

The red color is due to a plant called Macarenia clavigera. When the water level is the best point, during the wet season, moss and algae bloom with bright colors, giving the river its feature, unique in the world.


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Nov 26th, 2010

A beautiful river. Thanks for sharing the information and the pictures with us.

N. Sun

Nov 26th, 2010

WOW! I have to see that!


Nov 26th, 2010

hai nice article….
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Nov 26th, 2010

Nice One..

thanks for share.


Bloom Again

Nov 26th, 2010

Absolutely stunning. I loved looking at the pictures.


Nov 27th, 2010

Wonderful write.

The Quail 1957

Nov 27th, 2010

Beautiful write and the river is spectacular.


Nov 27th, 2010

great share! thanks!

Anuradha Ramkumar

Nov 27th, 2010

Stunning…gr8 share.

jennifer eiffel01

Nov 27th, 2010

This sounds like a nice place to visit. But Paris comes first in April 2012 when I will have become 40 the December before.

john smither

Nov 27th, 2010

Great info on this river, thanks for sharing those great pictures.


Nov 27th, 2010


Christine Ramsay

Nov 27th, 2010

That is amazing. I have never seen anything quite lit. I wouldn’t have thought the colours of the algae could make such a difference. A lovely piece.



Nov 27th, 2010

Beautiful. I would love to see this in person.
God’s wonders never cease.

Sarah Rebecca

Nov 27th, 2010

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!


Nov 28th, 2010

This is even better than the lakes in Jiuzhaigou, China. Hope to visit it one day.


Nov 28th, 2010

great share


Nov 29th, 2010

What a wondrous gift to have fallen upon this article today. Thank you.

Yovita Siswati

Nov 30th, 2010


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