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The Scrooge Effect

by The Economist on 20/09/13 at 4:17 pm

The latest Republican led assault on food stamps puts millions of Americans in a financial nightmare.

It’s fast approaching, another holiday season. Somewhere along the way between 1960 and today the overwhelming exhilaration of anticipation of  another holiday season has somehow morphed into another sobering realization that Ebenezer Scrooge is alive and well in today’s economy. And we, the hapless Bob Cratchets of the world continue to struggle just to survive another day. With the recent attack by our stupendous leaders in Washington gutting the food stamp program has only highlighted the effects that millions of Americans will now suffer the horrific consequences of not being able to put food on the table. 

Yep! They have done it again. Our most benevolent most wondrous examples of human compassion in Washington have now asserted themselves as the Ebenezer Scrooges of today. These blood hounds of budget cutting acumen with “Wizardly” like stealth ness  have passed legislation that approved sweeping reforms to the nation’s food stamp program that would cut some $40 billion in nutrition aid over 10 years and deny benefits to millions starting in 2014. Some reforms when millions of Americans have to rely on any kind of assistance just to keep food on the table. It is as though our Republican led leaders of Congress really are oblivious to the hard cold facts about this nations overall economic health. Then of course it is these leaders that have the godlike authority to dictate their set of ideals that literally have life and death consequences for far too many Americans.  

The whole premise of this out come was the Republicans have the notion that without food stamps more people will find jobs. It is as though these same Republicans really can’t see the forest above the trees. For they really are too blind to the realization that jobs that pay living wages are still for too many almost impossible to find let alone get hired. They also have the assumption that the system is being abused. To some extent that my be trued. But in every situation there are two sides. Take the case of that surfer who was showcased as a free loader who was only interested in surfing off the California coast. There are choices he could make, like going back to school, find some kind of job that would most likely be a service type, move back to his parents or all of the above. In any case in order to fulfill any one of these requires an initial outlay of funding. That adage in business holds true in this case as well, “It takes up front capital to make capital” In order to do any of these things requires some assistance whether it is monetary to look for work or that safety net to put food on the table in order to be healthy enough to be able to look for work. 

When a safety net has been in place to safeguard this nations health is suddenly taken away what our most astute Republican leaders of state continue to fail to realize is that more people will ultimately fall victim to financial devastation just because that safety net that was in place kept the chain of events flowing. Now, without that safety in place what is going to result is that economic flow no matter how small is going to be disrupted sending shock waves that will eventually grow larger affecting more and more people with increasingly disastrous results the likes of which will only push this nation that much closer to falling into a financial cataclysm of epic proportions. 

There seems to be a more sinister move within the chambers of congress. The farm bill that now has passed sets the tone for increasing food prices. When corn subsidizes are used for the production of ethanol for gasoline which by the way is this nations premier export instead of going to food production and now with this cut in funding for food stamps all has earmarks of a deliberate attack on this nations poor, to shore up shareholders stock dividends.   

The harsh reality now facing millions of Americans is that coming into the holiday season they will be faced with a 15% cut of existing food stamp allocations. Especially hard hit are service men and women and that includes our nations veterans. Unconscionable is too polite a term in defining this latest maneuver by our most illustrious Republican led congress.  

What will it take to right the wrongs that have continued to pray on the poor, the hungry, our senior, and our service men and women. It starts with the realization that for far too long members of congress have effectively used the reverse Robin Hood mentality in sweeping reforms which only has increased the economic imbalance of this nation. A balance that is so far out of balance it is undermining this nations, ability to be economically stable. and jeopardizes this nations national security now and for the future. To restore the balance in our economy requires a totally revolutionary approach and it starts with implementing National Economic Reforms Ten Articles of Confederation.  

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