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Traffic Rush Hour in San Antonio

by Bharati C on 26/01/10 at 2:24 am

All relevant information about traffic rush hours in San Antonio,TX.

How is traffic condition during the morning in San Antonio, TX

In San Antonio a traffic rush can be witnessed during morning when the average motor speed drops below 50mph. This is more so during the weekday then in weekend.  Although this traffic rush does not stay for long and can be cleared in half an hour to one hour but it can delay your progress considerably.

For more information on traffic rush hours in San Antonio city please refer to this link:


How is traffic in San Antonio on Wednesday before Thanksgiving

You will encounter heavy traffic during the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and especially during day time day time and more particularly from 4pm to 7pm. This is because you will encounter Dallas and Huston left over rush. But if you start at 7pm or 8pm you will find the roads free of traffic jam.

For more information about traffic conditions in San Antonio before Thanksgiving please check the link below: http://www.frisco-online.com/forums/showthread.php?t=747937

The best time to drive to San Antonio from Austin for avoiding traffic.

A drive from Austin to San Antonio is a comfortable one and can be completed in 90 minutes only. However you may encounter traffic congestions and especially truck traffic on your way in this highway. Moreover you should try to avoid reaching San Antonio during morning rush hour or at 4pm to 7pm in the evening as in these times you will find heavy traffic in and around San Antonio city.

For more information please visit: http://www.fodors.com/community/united-states/driving-from-austin-to-san-antonio.cfm

When will the traffic congestion start to build in Friday evenings

In San Antonio during the Friday evenings you will find that traffic congestions starting to build from 4pm and it may last till 7 or 8pm. During this time it is really difficult to speed up and you will need a lot of extra time for the journey. So if you can then try to reach or go out of San Antonio before 3.30pm on Fridays

More information on Friday evening traffic rush hours in San Antonio please visit the following link: http://www.city-data.com/forum/austin/628787-friday-rush-hour-traffic-question.html

How is the traffic condition during weekdays evenings in San Antonio

San Antonio experiences heavy traffic congestion between 4pm and 6.30pm. So commuting becomes really time consuming during this time period. You will find traffic congestion inside the city as well as in the highway. You may experience truck congestion in the highways.

For more information please visit this link: http://www.weather.com/outlook/rushhour/traffic/map/USTX1200

How is the traffic near San Antonio International Airport

Traffic conditions near San Antonio International airport do not witness much congestion generally although it is a very busy route. However you may experience delay and heavy congestion if any maintenance work is going on in the highway leading the airport. So if you are travelling to San Antonio International Airport from downtown San Antonio it is always better to gather information whether any delay like condition may come up and prepare your departure schedule in accordance with that.

Please visit this link for more information on traffic details near San Antonio International Airport: http://www.flightstats.com/go/Airport/airportTrafficConditions.do?airportCode=SAT

The rush hour and traffic in downtown San Antonio

Downtown San Antonio experiences heavy traffic congestion y during the rush hours especially on weekdays as it is the most busy part of San Antonio city with various business establishments. The traffic congestion heavy during morning hours from 9 to 10am and in the evening the rush hour begins at 4 pm which may last for 6 to 6.30.

For more information on traffic conditions in downtown San Antonio please visit the link: http://www.traffic.com/San-Antonio-Traffic/San-Antonio-Traffic-Reports.html

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