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Travel Advisories Throughout Indiana

by carolscash on 01/02/11 at 8:21 am

With 33 states suffering through another winter storm, it seems that travel in the Midwestern and Eastern coast of the United States may be under many travel warnings and advisories and central Indiana is seeing many advisories being issued.

Well, with central Indiana getting hit hard again by yet another winter storm, it seems that travel advisories are just a part of the news with every storm. Once again, there are many school closings and the Homeland Security map is showing that at least 6 counties in central Indiana are under travel advisories today.

As I woke up this morning, there were over 200 closings flashing across the bottom of the screen of the local news channel and even some county offices were closed in some counties due to the weather. We awoke to a light coating of ice, but it seems that the farther north you travel in the state, the worse it gets. Some cities are reporting a half an inch of ice. The weather forecasters are saying that the weather is only to get worse throughout the day as a second wave of weather enters later today. Predictions are that some places may end up with over an inch of ice and then 3-6 inches of snow on top of that. Places in extreme northern Indiana could see blizzard type conditions and up to a foot of snow.

An ice storm sets a state up for many harsher conditions than just a snow storm. An ice storm brings dangers of large power outages affecting many electric companies and with the outages, people do not have heat, lights, and could even be without a way to cook food. Many consumers were out yesterday buying supplies that they needed to make it through a few days if they were stranded at home. Emergency crews can have problems getting to the places that they need to reach as well.

Shelby County has announced that they are now under a snow emergency and I am sure that we will see many more of these types of emergency travel advisories rise up today as the weather worsens. It could be that the major city of Indianapolis is under a state of emergency later today. It could also be that the entire state faces the same type of warnings. The Red Cross was under preparations to step in and make some arrangements to set up emergency centers if necessary.

More than 30 states being effected by this weather system so be aware of what is happening if you are traveling as I expect many delays and cancellations with airlines today. I am seeing some problems with area interstate travel too as many accidents are occurring and many lanes are being closed and if more ice moves in, as predicted, I am sure that we will see many of those roads closed.

For anyone who has to travel, stay safe and make sure that you have extra supplies in your vehicle in case you slide off the road. Be sure to have the supplies that you need to be inside for a few days.

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