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Us Freedom of Information for Writers

by joanwz on 16/02/12 at 1:21 pm

Whenever a writer wishes to obtain information under the US Freedom of Information Act, they have rights to most information considered in the public interest. There are, however, restrictionss placed on some information (due to privacy or national security issues).

The FOIA establishes the right of any person or organization to gain access to federal government information. The Act was intended to ensure an informed public, which the founding fathers considered fundamental to a well functioning democracy. However, as a matter of national and international security, and of personal privacy, some information is restricted.  One of the freedoms offered by democracy is our right to keep some information private, the kind of information we wouldn’t want getting into the wrong hands. Keeping limits on the Freedom of Information and recognizing some information as Classified or private is one of the responsibilities that comes with that freedom, especially for writers.




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