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The Beautiful Sights of Southern Utah

by kgjensen1965 on 21/05/09 at 8:12 am

The southern half of Utah has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. We’ll look at the five National Parks and three other places.

Southern Utah is often refered to by locals as the “Redrock Country” due to the dominant color of the landscape.  The formations are spectacular to view at any distance and angle; the colors seem to change as the day goes on.  It’s a photographer’s dream and is very easy on the eyes.  While all this is possible anywhere here, it’s especially enjoyable at these National Parks, State Parks and National Monuments. 

Arches National Park: Obviously named for the hundreds of arch formations within it; there are other types of formations too.  Near the entrance as you start the drive around the park is a feature known as Balanced Rock.  It looks like a boulder balanced on a pedistal; no one can predict how long before it finally collapses. 

One of the first arch formations you come to is the windows; there are two of them, one north and the other south.  From a distance they look like a pair of spectacles; up close they’re fun to take pictures beneath. 

Nearby is Double Arch.  It consists of two arches which are almost mirror images of each other, share one point for one end each and are almost at a 90 degree angle.  As you continue to follow the road there are a number of other arch formations, each with its own unique story and look.  You can also see where other arches once stood that have long since collapsed and faded into history. 

The most famous arch in the park, and the state’s second most famous symbol, is Delicate Arch.  To reach it you have to park your vehicle and hike a trail almost two miles long.  The arch sits on the edge of a sandstone bowl and a steep redrock hill.  For those who can’t make the hike it can also be viewed from a deck in the parking lot.

Near the end of the park drive is Landscape Arch; a long, thing formation that has a few really thin areas.  It would seem there’s not much time before this one will come crashing to the ground.

These are just a few of the many arches and other formations in this place.

Bryce Canyon National Park:  This place is famous for its erosion features and hiking trails; the pinkish orange sandstone pinnacles are called hoodoos.  Many of these have shapes which have given them names.  The most famous is Thor’s Hammer, which doesn’t really look like a hammer.  Another one is called Tower Bridge since it looks like the famous bridge in London.  Another hoodoo that has a British imitation is Queen Victoria; the top greatly resembles a statue of the 19th Century Monarch.  There are many other funny names for other hoodoos; too many to mention. 

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