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Did You Know About Spirit Lake?

by c.r. keller on 17/03/11 at 4:53 pm

The amoeba in spirtit lake in washington state.

  Ok i just found out that there is an amoeba in spirit lake in washington state that came up after mount st. helens blew up!  This is how i found out.  I got my netflix.com put back on and i started watching The X-Files.  I hadn’t seen some seasons cause they came out on friday night and i was usually eating out and/or going to the movies with friends and family, s,o hence i missed some of these episodes which are new to me.  Anyway, there i was watching this episode on these glowing green mites that ate people.  How they came up you ask?  Loggers.  They came up from loggers who cut a 600+ year old tree and there they were awakend from their “slumber”.  Anyways the plot goes on Scully, Moulder, the tree hugger aka environment saver, a sherriff and of course the “bad guy” who managed/owned the logging company, (he might have just been an overseer who knows, that’s not the point) were together in a log cabin in the middle of no where, were trying to figure out what they were.  Then the environment saver blurts out about a documented case that happened after Mount St. Helens blew up.  I was like “No Way!!!”  Here i thought i was watching entertainment and out comes some creepy news for real life.  Now I am like what else can be out there hiding, sleeping, dorment just waiting to be reawakend from people who have no clue.   I looked up the information, but i didnt find too much disproving it.  I didn’t look that hard though.  The fear eventually left and i was like ”Aaaa, who cares.”  I can be moody that way.  Anyways if this peaks your interest, i tried looking it up on wikipedia, but it didn’t say really anything about it.  I’m not too worried anymore.   This is what i found out.  This amoeba basically came out after spirit lake warmed up from the volcanic explosion.  It apparently sucks people’s brains or something.  Now to all of you who already know about this, this is new to me.  I am not a scientist.  I am explaining simply how i heard/understood it. If you know more about it, then kudos to you.  Everybody watch out for warm, stagnant water.  Don’t go swimming in it.  ok.

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